New year kickoff

So as we all know we are 3 days into 2016 and so far these 3 days have been pretty eventful. from spending my last week of 2015 in Georgia to bringing the new year of 2016 in Georgia was very eventful. I had 7 days to spend with my family and those 7 days made me realize time may change but your family doesn’t. my brothers were still the same 3 young energetic boys they were when i left, my sister is still the same know it all blunt humor teenager. my dog chewy still barks at every little thing and my parents are still the same. the only thing that changed was the new edition of the family, a bad little puppy named sully. i don’t know what the dog is i just know he’s cute and fluffy with a thing for biting ankles and faces ,sweet little devilish dog. anyway that last week of 2015 was a real wakeup week, and i know cliche the new year the new me theory but i like to think of it as the new year, cutting off the BS that came with this previous year, if it’s fake friends, a crappy job, a bad haircut, or a toxic relationship this is the year to let it go!!!! and i’m not just saying this to be a life coach or a preacher this all came to me when i was boarding my plane from Atlanta back to Michigan and a Women started having a minor panic attack which led to her not being able to breathe and having all 250 people not he plane wondering wtf is going on and what will happen because all of us had a connecting flight and a great portion of us would have to wait for the following day to catch our flight to our final destination or run like track stars to our boarding gate. a hour passes and they finally finish up they finally finish up the paperwork they had to do, the women is breathing fine again (they removed her from the plane) and we re finally up in the air all seems to be well.. then we land. the time around landing was 7:30 my connecting flight boarded at 7:45 snd departed at 8:15 i was thinking to myself “yeah i got this” i had to board at gate E i was thinking I’m by gate D or at least C. I WAS BEYOND WRONG i was all the way at gate A and was sitting in the 19th row, so at that moment i had snatched my carry on bag and literally sprinted off the plane and through the airport i had a oversized purse, my carry on bag, and a fur vest running through the North Carolina airport ( which is way bigger then i thought it was) like a wild maniac all while looking at my phone reading my text updates which were telling me ” 3 minutes until boarding” “2 minutes to loading” while running through the airport i ran into a guy like head on head ran to. he was a tall attractive young man who smelt very good and was concerned if i was okay, however i didn’t even get the chance to flirt. i was in such a rush to get to my gate i said sorry and kept running i make it to my gate onetime ( god was on my side ) because i never ran that fast in my life and i board to find out my seat was changed to the emergency exit row because a family of 10 all wanted to sit by each other,and i had no complaints more leg room for me. so i get home and unpack and go to sleep. leaving me to thing my first day of 2016 was a day i probably will never forget because all of the things that happened and then the 2nd day of the new year i had a family girls night sleepover ( that’s a whole other post one day) making my second day of 2016 one to remember too, leaving me here now on the 3rd starting my blog and youtube channel. The point I’m trying to get across is make this year your year, do something you always wanted to do, cut the negativity out of your life, and love the small crazy things that happen to you because that is what makes the big picture.
xoxo, T’yanna

2 thoughts on “New year kickoff

  1. Just stopping by to say that I think your blog is crazy beautiful! I have never seen one like it! Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog!

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