Biggest pet peeve in my opinion is inconsistency. I can’t stand it however there are a handful of things i would love to accomplish yet i never stay focused on the vision. however i can honestly say tat I’m working on it. i told myself i was going to start my blog and here i am doing it, i told myself i was going to start a youtube channel,and i did i still have yet to upload a video but i created the channel and the banner and that is a lot considering I’ve been wanting to do this for a few years now. but one thing i told myself i was going to stay consistent with was cutting out inconsistent people in my life. i promised myself i wasn’t going to make time or give effort for people who won’t do the same for me. There is nothing more horrible then wasted time, because once you lose time you can’t get it back, and it seems a major flaw of mine is giving inconsistent, non deserving people my time. we are given 24 hours and 365 days to do what “we want”. but I’m pretty sure nobody in their right state of mind wakes up like “hell yeah 8 hour day at the job i hate ” or ” I just can’t wait to wake up and go to school and be around people who don’t like me, and learn about x and y and quadratic functions” and if you’re one of the rare people that wake up and say those things then hey do your thing. but to the other 99.9 percent of us we are already spending our time at places we dislike why give the little free time we do have to people and situations that don’t even deserve to be addressed. why not take the free time and do what we actually enjoy doing. even if it’s scrapbooking, sleeping, shopping, blogging, its whatever makes you happy and your little gold heart smile… DO IT!!! stop using your time on worthless people. the boy or girl you’re stressing and obsessing over isn’t worth it there are a million , no a billion people in this world 1 isn’t worth killing yourself mentally over. trust me that one little fish in the sea doesn’t compare to the other million better bigger fish in the sea. that coworker you hate, like everytime you see them you want to say how you really feel, just ignore them. and i know you’re probably like “easier said then done” when it is beyond simple. things only bother us when we allow them too. when we learn to block out things that irk our soul, we grow and we become better. so next time you get the feeling you’re waisting your time.. you are. so when somebody or something you can’t stand pops up in your mind or face, block it out. focus on what matters and what you’re doing because what you’re doing has a purpose. life becomes easier once you learn to ignore the things you can’t stand. like i said nothing can bother you if you don’t give it the energy or time.
xoxo, T’yanna

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