Define ” Real”

Break it down, what is real? so many people claim they want something “real” so they can go around and tell their friends about it and claim everything they do with their partner is “goals”, but living in this generation it’s near rocket science to discover who is actually genuine with their words. people these days just seem to rush everything and jump into relationships without evening knowing themselves and without knowing their partner. my personal stance on the whole issue of “being real” is everybody claims they want something real but many people can’t accept or appreciate real when they finally get it. a prime example in this generation is composed of hypocrites. everybody wants to preach to everybody about how they should be, what they should look like, what they should act like, basically that they should be what society says is the “standard”, but that in itself is bullshit. people take so much unnecessary things into consideration before “talking to somebody”. like ” how many instagram / twitter followers do they have”, “is their hair past their shoulders” , ” are they mixed or foreign”. all this bullshit, and i mean bullshit destroys us. we all become so caught up in what others will think and what they will have to say we just forget what we want, and what we deserve. in the real world this is called “settling”. we could fins somebody that we have unexplainable amazing chemistry with and see them as a 10 in our eyes, however let one person, and i mean one person because that is all it takes for someones mind to change. that one person can say something within the lines of ” why do you like them” or ” he/she isn’t even that good looking why are you talking to them” things like this … need to be kept in your own head. because news flash we are all ugly to somebody, yes i said we all. you can think of yourself as the sexiest person in the world, but true me their is 7 billion people in this world and somebody out there thinks you’re the ugliest creature they have ever seen. so before you go around bashing others and how they look you need to look in the mirror and realize you are far from perfect. also when people say idiotic things like that… IGNORE THEM!!! people will hate when they see you are happy and they are miserable. just think back to when somebody has said something like that to you when you told them about somebody you just started talking to. they were probably single, in a crappy relationship , divorced,on the verge of divorce, the point I’m trying to make is they were in no position to give out love advice . the point I’m trying to make is if something makes you happy and you love them, LOVE THEM. forget what anybody has to say about you and your partner because peoples opinion won’t love you, won’t be there for you, won’t support you, peoples negative opinions are equivalent to bread to the pigeons. don’t go around dragging somebody and they feelings along with no intention of being with them. don’t let other peoples opinion stop you from becoming happy with the person you love and care about. everybody wants to scream and preach about “being real” and “wanting real”, when you feel like you found like you found it you most likely did. keep it, love it, cherish it, don’t ever take it for granted, and never switch up over people and society opinion on your relationship.

One thought on “Define ” Real”

  1. You’re right. If often feels like there’s a list of bullet points which you have to check off one by one when you’re in a relationship, when really half the stuff is just silly things that people have seen their friends do or observed in films. When really relationships should just be about people’s feelings and being happy.

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