Wednesdays Suck

Wednesday, the most long dragging day of the week. the day when you are soon close to the weekend, yet so far. For some reason this day seems to do nothing but drag and drag. this day consist of nothing but procrastination and finishing last minute things you have been putting side. Me personally Wednesday is the day when i begin to think about everything that is going to happen next week. from school starting again, to what I’m going to do at the gym, if i should challenge myself or just stick to the basic every other day routine i set. this day of the week is just the worse, and this isn’t my opinion this is a fact. think to yourself when have you ever cheered, or witness somebody else cheer about something great happening Wednesday…. my point you don’t and you have never witnessed it. i’ll share my reason as to why i hate this damn day. 1. i always and i mean always, wake up with a attitude,and not the typical everyday normal T’yanna attitude it’s a devil has jumped in my body and has me acting crazy attitude. and it’s just rude and nasty and i can’t control it because it’s Wednesday.
2. this day seems to be the day everybody and their mother wants to see how much they can irritate me before i snap and do some emotional or worse physical damage. because the devil attitude and the amount of stupidity surrounding me on Wednesday is beyond the T’yanna legal limit and i will as obama said ” pop off”
3. nothing good is EVER on tv Wednesday and i mean NOTHING !! i haven’t been watching tv as much as i use to due to my grey’s anatomy addiction that i have came to become hooked on like crack, but Tv has just went to complete crap, i use to watch AHS (american horror story” but that show in itself even went to crap and like I’ve been saying before, it’s Wednesday so the lack of good choices pisses me off.
4. it’s 2 days from pay day, and i hate waiting for pay day,and by Wednesday my gas tank barely has any gas, my bank account is near the desert, (because i put majority in my savings) and this day i have no idea why but i get the biggest urge to spend my money. literally everything i see i feel the need to buy it on this day. and i get into a argument with myself debating if i need to spend 15 dollars on the damn pug earrings, or if i save it and use it to pay for parking at school … (usually i spend the money on the pug earrings because I’m weak when it comes to my shopping addiction) i get even more mad when i go to my car look at my purchase and look at the thing like ” WTF T’YANNA REALLY” !
5. the big final reason is because it’s not Thursday or Tuesday and everybody knows those 2 days are the best days because they are T’yanna days!!!! T’yanna Tuesday and totally T’yanna Thursday these are the days when i will upload on my youtube channel
on something interesting form fashion, to hair, to makeup to whatever i can think of. sometimes even random on the street interviews Wednesday will never be able to compete with the T’yanna days, and that is the reason i have always and forever will hate it!!!! i hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday


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