The beauty of being kind…

The saying “what goes around comes around” has been around since the beginning of time. ever since we were little kids we were always taught that whatever energy we put out into the world comes back to us times 10, and also to treat others the way that we want to be treated. however we all have those days when our morals are tested. we have all crossed paths with people and situations when we knew what the right thing to do was but we did the complete opposite. there is a time in everybody’s life when we forget our right from wrong and think with our emotions and not our brain. we say things we don’t mean, do things that isn’t apart of our character, and we go out of our way to hurt the person that has hurt us. we become this spiteful evil person to show the other person that we aren’t the person to mess with because we can play just as mean and nasty as they did. however becoming the person that hurt us is never the right answer and will lead you no where good. becoming the person that hurt you is the most idiotic thing that anybody can ever do. stop and think about how you felt when the person treated you the way that they did… it sucked, now why would you ever want to make somebody else feel like that??? becoming a mean, miserable, person is never the solution to any of your problems, the real answer is love. people become so blinded by their anger that they let it control them. they let it distant them from what the true problem is and leave them to play the blame game with themselves. they will blame everybody for their life and how they’re living because they fall to realize that they have all the power and control to change their situation, they are the ruler of their own life. if people took the time to realize that being kind and loving the people that hurt you will do better then you could ever imagine, many more people would be happy and satisfied with their life. if people realized we cross paths with people for a reason and whether our encounter with that person be positive or negative everything that happens to us is fate, and how we act on our fate will plant the base of the life we live. so if we chose to live our life being rude and nasty to people treating them like they don’t mean anything, then we should expect karma to hand us the card that we dealt. when you’re always negative you should and can expect nothing but negative things and people to surround you because it’s what you attract. now on the other hand if you’re a person who puts out good energy and treats all people and places and things with respect you are more likely to get a better outcome of things in life. you will attract good energy leaving you feeling good and happy. when people take a step back and realize they are in control of how they feel and what happens to them then more people will be able to understand the true meaning of the famous word karma, when they realize what goes around comes around.

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