5 reasons i love/hate the gym

There are 2 types of people in the world, the gym fanatics the people that eat, breathe, love the gym, they go above and beyond when they go to the gym. they are pushing themselves beyond realistic means in my opinion. they eat good, drink organic pond water ( that green nasty shake stuff GMC sells) and just take the gym as life or death and there is nothing wrong with that. However there is the normal person (me) this type of person goes to they gym and knows their limits. you won’t see this person lifting 200 plus weights, running on the highest speed not the treadmill this type of person knows their limits. they do their hour to 2 hour workout eat good and bad things and takes the gym serious but the gym isn’t their life… and me myself being the second type of gym person i have a strong love/hate relationship and these are my 10 reasons why…
1.(Con) PEOPLE WHO DON’T WIPE THEIR DIRTY SMELLY SWEAT OFF THE EQUIPMENT !!! like um hello, other people have to use that after you, and I’m not a happy person when i go to get my workout on and place my hand on a nice wet handle covered in a strangers sweat! things like that makes me dislike humanity. the solution is so simple, WIPE IF OFF!!!!
2.(Pro) Your body after 2 weeks to 2 months will have greatly changed and for the better. if you go to the gym at least 5 days out of 7 and stick to the plan yourself and your body will thank you!!! you will be looking your best and feeling your best and gain more confidence then you could ever imagine. the handwork that you put in will pay off.
3.(Con) that person that is trying to outwork you, everybody who has ever been the gym has had a run in with “that person” you know the one who is working out by you and then when you get a good pace going they go a little faster then when you slow down they do as well, they are like a parrot to you. it’s a competition to them and its fun but when you follow me around the whole gym and do it…. bihhhh just stop!!!!
4.(Pro) some of the people at the gym are really cool people. if you forget your headphones or leave them in the car you’d be surprised about the conversations you will have with the people around you. they will talk about their kids, work, goals and its interesting to hear what motivated others to work out.
5.( Con) THE GYM HAS TO BE HOTTER THEN HELL ITSELF, i have never ever ever walked into the gym and was like ” wow it feels so nice in here” because that is a lie. i have however walked into the gym and thought ” wtf, they trying to kill me of a heat stroke?” because that is my thought everyday walking to the gym. but hey if it helps you lose weight and get fit burn baby burn.
These 5 reasons are just a small handful of my thoughts about the gym, what are some of yours???


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