I heard…..

Ladies and Gentelmen we have all been here and done it… and I’m talking about gossiping. And if you have never gossiped please stop lying or start living. Gossiping is human nature it’s in our blood now what we chose to gossip about, now that is a whole different ballgame. everybody loves to discuss something, because lets be real we all love to hear the sound of our voice, and we love to appear to seem like we know everything about everybody. We love for to be the center of attention. the person that everybody goes to when they need to find out what’s going on in other peoples life. It’s all fun and games to gossip until the gossip is suddenly about you!! We all know the saying ” it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt” and that is one of the most accurate things i have ever heard of in my life. We all laugh at jokes others have made about others whether it was your brother making fun of your other brother, your friend making fun of their boyfriend or girlfriend, etc etc. however when somebody decides to make a joke about you, you lose your desire to laugh. your body gets hot quick, you feel the feeling of anger rising within you and you’re just obviously pissed. And that my friend is how gossiping works its all a joke. Lets be real with ourselves majority of the time we are gossiping its because we are really bored and need some entertainment in our life. we gossip because it’s fun. we get to sit around and assume things about others with our friends. we get to take little pieces of stories that we hear , things we seen and try to put it all together to make the big picture and that’s fun!! now think about all the people you have gossiped about…. ask yourself have you spoken to this person at least 10 times?? and I’m not talking about hi and bye i mean a full conversation. majority of you will think to yourself no i haven’t because its the truth. gossiping is a fun game we all play. now think about a group of people analyzing everything you do, watching your very little move, social media post, taking little pieces of your life to trying to put together the big picture. it’s actually amazing when you think about it from a different point of view. that a group of people you barely even know or probably don’t know are fascinated with you!!1 now here is where gossiping comes with a fine line, and that is how we chose to gossip. there are 3 keys to gossiping and not being a big rude (you know what) when doing it….
1. NEVER EVER EVER say the 5 damning words ” i know for a fact ” when you don’t know a damn thing about it!!!! because gossip travels fast and the last thing you want is the person your gossiping about to find out those words came out your mouth then they correct you infant of everybody because from that day on all your gossip and information will be highly questionable.
2. NEVER EVER EVER say ” you didn’t hear it from me” because when you tell people this people will feel the need to repeat it even more and you can bet they’ll be even more eager to mention who they heard it from.
3. NEVER EVER EVER spread mean lies, it’s not cool, and it’s not fun to even talk about nobody that loves themselves or has a reasonable amount of self esteem will sit around and bash somebody about personal problems. trust me they may laugh with you and even say some smart remarks here and there but the truth is when the conversation is over and they all leave you’re a bitch in their eyes. because when you talk about somebody like their not a human being with others all you do is leave them wonder to think ” what do they say about me when I’m not around”
now that i gave you the 3 golden tickets to gossip use them!!! have fun with it be silly with it, don’t be so serious about it and DON’T bring others done on purpose because it’s not cool and you look like a mega ( you know what) and nobody likes them 🙂
have fun gossiping, be nice !!!1

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