Run in with the Law

so today is Friday as we all know, it’s the day everybody has been looking forward to because of payday, the weekend events we have planned, and a break from school. However today my friday has been eventful. first there was my 2 cats leo and jasper i woke up to them chewing on my damn charges to the point sparks were flying out the cords, literally i could hear the little ” boom, boom, pop ” sounds. so that instantly set me in a bad mood and i thought you know what that is over today is going to be a good day. then i go upstairs and begin my usual friday morning routine grey anatomy binge watching just to get a email notification saying my fasfa is incomplete because i didn’t sign, and i swear to sweet baby ray i have signed this thing at least 3 times by now,and i was validated when as soon i signed it again i received a email saying my fast has been processed and i can now view y SAR ( student aid report). so after that I’m like okay now back to the normal real world , t’yanna’s world…. WRONG. i get ready for take a shower wash my hair and prepare to head out the door when i realize, i don’t have my glasses and lord knows when i don’t have my glasses on i can’t see for the life of me. so i spend a good 17 minutes running around looking for them then when i finally find them i’m on my way to work. not eve gonna lie i was going fast but a reasonable fast a 40 in the 35 fast…. then it happens i see the lights, the damming red and blue lights and the only thing i could think of at the time was the price of the ticket. i really thought i was going to be in for hell, however i was beyond wrong. the officer was probably one of the coolest people around. he asked me why i was going over and i explained and then after explaining and reasoning we were both in tears from laughing so hard about the whole situation( the reason is going to be a Wednesday post because it will make that day suck less) and after it all we both went our different ways and i had a good day at work, and even better time at the gym. so when you have a run in with the law be nice, respectful and throw a little humor in there and pray that the odds are in your favor!!!
xoxo, T’yanna

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