You’re paying for it

School, school, school, we all have been through school. some of us loved school, would go to sleep during the weekdays excited about what school was going to be teaching us the next day. now a majority of us HATED SCHOOL, not the education but the school. we would have to wake up before the sun did and go to a place were people didn’t like us, the food was made a week in advance ( and you could taste it) and people were experimenting with drugs and other people, by the time sophomore year majority of us were all ready to graduate and start our life. Junior year we all prepared and took our dreaded ACT, SAT. tried to pull our salvaged GPA up or keep it nice and high. that year was the year when we were supposed to get a idea of what we wanted to do and who we wanted to be. then after that stressful year came senior year. this year is supposed to be ” the best year of your life” WRONG!!! now i did enjoy my senior year but i won’t be telling my kids 10 years from now how it was so exciting and how i wished the time would never end, and how when i left i missed it so much, because i don’t. senior year we are forced into deciding what to be with our life. we have to chose what to major in what school we want to go to, and god forbid we say we don’t want to at all. that will make your family upset and then you’ll get a lecture about how education is the most important thing in your life and without it you’re nothing. and granted yes education is very important and a major key to success in life, however don’t do anything unless your heart is all in it. if you need to take a semester off or a year , take it. find out what makes you happy and your interest and then go to school to pursue that. when we are still in highschool we may think we know what we want but we don’t. our minds change every other day or week, so how are we supposed to know what the hell we want to do with the rest of our life??? Now ‘m saying all of this because for the longest time i had not a single clue as to what it was i wanted to be. when i was young i wanted to be a veterinarian (i still do) and then when i turned 15 i loved the idea of being on television and i wanted my own tv show. then at 17 i thought i wanted to be a event planner and own my own business and that phase lasted for a month or 3. then my last phase which i totally blame netflix for was a doctor. grey’s anatomy will persuade you to think that being a doctor is a fun job and you’ll meet a sexy man etc etc etc, this phase lasted a month until i realized i’m made to talk to people and give advice,and work with animals. and i didn’t discover this is while sitting in senior math class, being lectured about how we have to fill out 2 college applications to be able to leave the damn room. i figured it out over time doing small things and thinking about my interest and what i could do and have it not feel like “work”. so now here i am about to start my winter semester as a journalism major , taking pre req classes for vet school. perusing both my passions about to be waking up at 8 again, try to start really studying and staying focused. because this cost money and it’s something i’m actually learning about things i have a passion for. so if you’re stuck or deciding take your time. set a goal, work towards it and everything will start to fall in place, jsut allow time to take it’s course.


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