Chewed charger

There is nothing more disappointing then waking up to a damaged everyday used item… literally nothing. not even 3 weeks into the lovely new year and my cat leo has chewed my precious laptop charger which has led to my lack of blogging. however this week has started out pretty interesting. i started my winter semester of college and day one has already made me have the feeling i’m in for a ride, if i’m going to tell the story i might as well tell it from the beginning. so Monday i had math and English, my math starts at 10 ( in the morning) my biology (5:45) pm so i loved that i kept a nice little gap between the too because with work in the middle i am already wiped out. so that fateful Monday morning of this week i woke up around 8 just because the stories of parking downtown grand rapids and is hell…. and it is. so i wake up to 19 degrees my car is a big ice-cube and for some reason every time it gets really cold out my car does this weird thing where the steering wheel goes all crazy, however i managed to avoid that this morning. and i thought hmm today just might be my day. so it took me about 25 to half a hour to get to downtown and i have never seen so many idiots all in one place. literally riding each others bumpers racing through lights and to make it even better i didn’t have my student id at the time so i had to park in public parking which wasn’t bad there was open spaces and it was near campus… it was too good to be true but that we will get to later. so i head into the school and find my math classroom and me and 20 plus other people wait for the professor to show up. in the spare time waiting i made small talk with 2 girls and i was telling them about how i read the professor is a short Italian man who talks fast and has a heavy acetylene i was freaking out, and i had freaked them out. because college algebra is hard let alone having a professor who talks fast with a accent on top of it. so when the professor arrives hes short so im thinking the student reviews are true fml….. then he spoke. and when i say it was clear plain no accent english i mean it. not one lick of Italian or speed talking. so that day we did the basic read the rules learn the policies and got assigned optional homework…. which if you’re in high school word of advice do the optional homework it’s the future quiz/test. so my experience with that class was nice then there was heading to work which was nice i had a good time at my job as i always do because working with kids you’re never bored. then it was time for biology… i love science but this class is probably the most boring expensive class out there. it is nothing but repeating high school freshmen year and they have the audacity to charge it super high. but it’s easy work great teacher only thing i don’y like is i signed up for lab right after my lecture so ill have class 5:45-9:30 Wednesday … worlds suckiest day. but i’m ready to do amazing this semester and see all that happens and most importantly… GET MY LAPTOP CHARGER IN THE MAIL ALREADY!!!!! nothing makes me more mad then a chewed cord.

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