5 things i hate about winter

winter, the season that a lot of people dread. the season where you freeze to death the season that everyone wants to past fast however it seems to stay around for a long long time. winter to some people is temperatures in the 50’s plus and for the others they experience no winter where t’s just sunny and nice all 365 days of the year. then there is the real true winter, where temperatures are below the 20’s and everything is cold and covered in white fluffy snow or ugly brown slush. there was a time when i lived in Atlanta and for 3 winters i didn’t have to experience the real winter, i was pampered by the 50 degree plus whether and now since i moved back to Michigan i know what to expect however i still wake up and forget that these things are real, and that these things happen. i have 5 things i know happen yet they seem to slip my mind on the daily.

1: the ugly puffer coat, i don’t know about you guys but i like looking cute when i go out. i like looking put together and fashionable and nothing is appealing about a big bulky winter coat. and i know some of your are reading this saying ” being warm is better then looking cute tyanna” and i know i still wear the ugly winter coat but i don’t like it. you have restricted movement, you look like a boom baa in this jacket. and for those who don;t know what it a boomba is it’s a small little creature with a round body and no neck. and when myself and other people wear those big bulky winter coats thats what we all look like a big boomba family. and these jackets usually don’t come in pretty eye pleasing colors. they’re usually one solid color and some people buy these coats to tight and they look like a chicken, literally a chicken with a poked out chest and small little legs, these coats are just the devil

2: black ice, black ice is the devil, for those of you who don’t know what black ice is it’s very clear ice. and some of you are now saying all ice is clear it’s after. but black ice is clear clear. like you can be staring at the road ahead and be thinking to yourself ” ohh perfect there is no ice” WRONG… black ice is clear thing and deadly. black ice will have your car spinning and going out of control and have you seeing your life flash before your eyes. black ice shows up even when you least expect it and will scare the life out of you. and also on a side not you can slip and fall on black ice which is painful and you lose a lot of dignity when your body hits the ground.

3: chapped lips, how i hate having chapped lips. they are a major eye sore and cause my skin to crawl. but we all have been here and fallen victim to chapped lips mostly in the winter. we have a habit for licking our lips to hide the look of chapped lips to only make our chapped lips look worse. ohhh the logic in that, however nothing is worst then chapped lips. they hurt, they make you look gross, and they seem to take forever to go away even when you slip on a load off chapstick. i just hate it, and i’m pretty sure a lot of other people hate it as well.

4: driving, nothing is worse then driving in the winter, nothing! the roads are salted but the slush and black ice and the people make it hell. you have some people driving on the highway like it’s nascar and they’re doing 70 mph while everyone else is doing a good 45 mph. and these are usually the people you see in the ditch because they lost control of their car. also is the frost and snow that cover your car over night if you don’t park in the garage. that you have to get up and go outside in the cold and scrape the crap off. first you wipe the snow off your car while running the car just to turn on the defroster to get the frost on the inside of your car off. then while doing all of this you’re debating if driving is even worth all this work and it is…. well that’s what i tell myself when I’m outside doing all of this.

5: colds!!! colds suck and i’m suffering from one now. and it sucks not being able to breathe through your nose. i have to sit in class for 2 hour lectures and i can’t even make it through because this is when my nose wants to open up and allow me to breathe… then i have to be ” that girl” that gets up in the middle of a important lecture to go blow my nose. also another thing that sucks about having a cold is you get very very pale, or at least i do, for those who have seen monster inc and remember the purple lizard named karl and when poo sucked the breath out of his body and he became white.. yeah that’s me.

these are just a small amount of things i know i should expect with winter but somehow they seem to slip my mind. until it’s time for me to go through these horrid things. and if you don’t have a winter like this, and have the pampered winters when it’s 50 degrees plus you probably don’t understand this, but these things are real and they happen, and they suck, but hey it’s winter!!

6 thoughts on “5 things i hate about winter

  1. I like winter because hoodies dafuq is coat who wears coat anyway .. And I can just take a blanket and cuddle up inside my bed with you know myself .. #FA … 😄😄😄😄

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      1. I am prone to cold so I don’t really care I know its inevitable .. But my love for my bed increase tenfold when I have to leave for school (I am a night owl )


  2. Oh, agreed.
    Also: 6. when your hands go really dry because of the cold, 7. just generally having to walk somewhere in freezing weather, 8. having snowballs thrown at you.

    But winter’s also the time of Christmas, ice-skating and other fun things, so I guess we can’t complain too much xD

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