Morning motivation

it is currently 11:37 pm where i am right now and the day is January 14th 2016 and i am getting ahead of the game. i am writing this in bed while watching the secret life of a american teen. because tomorrow is my first day of english and then work then i am coming home and studying my math so i don’t know if ill have the time to compose one of my golden blogs, so i’m doing it now. i have been things a lot lately about my goals. goals ranging from my small to big, to easy achievable to i better pray and work had for this. but one thing about goals is that we start so dedicated to them, then over time majority of us stop working for them. we become side tracked or sucked back into the real world , hard cold reality but it really doesn’t have to be that way. so many people think the current situation that they’re living in right now is permanent and forever and believe that nothing will change and that it will forever and always be bad. but think back to the last time you felt this exact way, think back to the thoughts rushing through your head and how you thought for that part in time you believed that was a part of your life that was going to stay around forever… WRONG!! time had passed and things have changed. time is a powerful thing, it never stops or stalls for anybody. and each of us are only given a certain amount of time to go out in the world and make things happen. and we are so afraid because of rejection and there is nothing worst, and i mean nothing worst then wasted talent. nothing. if you have a goal work hard for it, strive for it, don’t get sidetracked and get what you need to get done

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