______ thank you. i want to thank you for being a special part of my life and molding me into the person that i have become. i want to let you know that regardless of the ending of our relationship and that very sad goodbye, i know later down the lie we will see each other again. i guess life had a different path for us to take that did’t require us to be together anymore. and yes sometimes i wonder if us growing apart and leaving each other was the right plan, it had happened. sometimes when i think about the past and who we were when we were back then and being where we are now, this wasn’t supposed to be us. do you remember all the secrets that we shared?,the places we’ve been? the inside jokes we had made and the promises we had swore to each other? what had happened to that? with time we slowly started becoming who we were meant to be. you were always the one who had to make everything perfect and everybody happy, then there was me. the one who didn’t care how people felt or what they had to say. i was the wild child the one who wasn’t afraid to step on toes because i was very outgoing. and that was the foundation of the end. what we used to admire about each other became what we argued about all the time. i would get upset with you because you would let people walk all over you, and you would get upset with me because i refused to let people treat me as if i was some doormat. it was that and many other small things that led us to start and find a new group of friends one similar to the person we had become. we found acceptance and a sense of comfort around them, then with time slowly they became our new best friends or new go to for everything people. when that had happened we became the perfect strangers towards eachother. we don’t talk much to each other anymore, we don’t know each other anymore. but aside from all the things that we had built for it to only break right infant of our eyes we had helped each other in ways our new friends, and our future friends can’t. we knew each other before we personally knew ourself. you have taught me so much about listening to other people,a it’s okay to believe in love and be naive. and i have taught you not to take anybody shit and that you have worth and that you need to see it and you need to make sure people you give your time to see it. so thank you old friend for all you have done for me. i will love you until the end. and our goodbye wasn’t a literal goodbye more like a see you later.

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