Write, write,write!!!

Nobody likes to feel being vulnerable, nobody likes to put themselves all the way out there. Now some may say that they’re a open book but i believe that there are part of ourselves that we hide, that we don’t tell people about ourselves because we feel better if we are the only ones who know about that side of us. But i think living like that eventually gets really old really fast. Having to hid pieces of who you are because of what others might have to say is honestly bullshit. People will judge, it’s as simple as that. We were born that way it’s in our blood, human nature. But how we let that influence who we are and how we act is a another thing. I believe that everybody has the ability to write, but some of the best writers are some of the worlds most messed up people, writers tell stories that they think of from head, or something or somebody inspired them. And we all have lived a life were something has happened. A person has changed us, a situation, something made us change how we view certain things and certain people. I know i have a lot to tell and share, so i write. first it started out as diaries, i always had a notebook full of ideas, feelings, song lyrics, everything you can imagine. For me that was my outlet when i was feeling a certain type of way. and i started doing this as early as the 3rd grade. I felt that whatever i wrote i could get it out of me and slowly start to let it go. I did this for years and i have at least 12 notebooks filled with what i had to say. And yes some of the stuff wasn’t nice and was very rude and bitchy but that is the reality in it all. If you lived a life where you were happy everyday and never got upset with anybody then i doubt you’re living in the real world. I had days were i felt like i was at war with myself and everyone around me. I had turned to writing as a outlet and many people didn’t notice it or understand it. But when you put your feelings out there and when you finish you read what you were feeling, it all begins to feel so much better. That’s why some people like myself sit up at night on tumblr or wherever and we read poetry, because poetry lets us all know we aren’t the only people on this earth who feel how we feel. And that feeling is so good, because we get to witness somebody where we are or once were grow and begin to feel alive again. When i went back home for christmas i read a journal entry i had written was i was 13. i was in 8th grade at the time and form that entry you would think the world was coming to a end. Every entry was just long and angry, it had to flip through nearly the whole notebook until i found 1 positive entry. and i told myself in that entry that i knew with time i would be okay, that i would forgive everybody and myself and i would begin to find my passion for all the things i love. And most importantly i told myself i would make it and be everything i wanted to be and i wished the 18 year old me well. And after reading that i had ripped the page out and now i have it in my room in a box of memories. There is no feeling like finding something you had written and seen how much everything has changed since then, and realizing all those emotions were only for the time being. So write, and be honest in your writing let it all out. It will help you in the long run and you’ll be happy at the moment you said how you felt and got it off your chest.

6 thoughts on “Write, write,write!!!

  1. And happy 2016. This piece talked to my heart straight up. I have myself written 6 diaries. It is so amazing how words can Make or break you. Lovely meeting you. And thankyoufor all the inspiration 🙂

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