5 types of people you will meet in college

College, college,college how i love college. If you’re still in high school and you think it sucks and college will be better, You are correct my friend, you don’t have to go every single day if you plan your schedule right, you don’t have to worry about the cliche clique bullshit you had to worry about in high school and the best part, you don’t even have to show up everyday!! (i don’t recommend that because that’s not a bright idea) We are finally in the door of adulthood and begin to gain more independence along with responsibility by the day. When we think of college we think about the parties, the boys, the girls, the sporting events and mostly the people. We think about the melting pot of people we will meet and who we will become friends with and all the memories we will create with them. At college no matter where you go to school you will run into the College 5. These type of people are the college norms. they are what you hear other college kids and your family talk about when they tel you all about their experience at college. These are the type of people you will encounter and will always remember one of these type of people for the rest of your life.

this type of student is the most smartest, yet most over bearing people on the face of this planet. they take everything serious. and yes you should take college serious however they take the word serious to a whole new level. They will nag at you because you’re not doing something up to their standard or the best is when grades come out and everyone is saying what they got and they have the audacity to get upset at their 99.9 percent …. when the class average was a 70 percent. i will never understand them because i am not like them, but i have met so many of these type of students, hell i even have friends like these type of students and i love them to death but i keep them at a comfortable distance because their stress is contagious. When they’re around you flipping out about every little detail and spazzing over a low 90 when everybody else is busting their back to maintain their 75 it will cause you to freak. and in college nobody needs somebody else piling up their stress. And if you’re like this you can stay motivated and focused and driven but stop freaking everybody around you out!!!

I hate this type of student. I really hate entitled ungrateful people. I believe it’s because i have worked to pay for this and i still work to pay for everything involving school, then to see somebody who’s family paid for every last thing and then to see them blowing it truly pisses me off. This type of person will bomb every quiz, test, not even attempt to do the homework but will have the nerve to ask to see your notes…. like no you can’t, not like you’re going to do anything with them anyway. this type of person usually asks you a million questions as to why you do the optional homework, or why do you got to tutoring it’s college and it’s “lame”. This type of person is the person to stay far away from, they’re nothing productive and will do nothing for you besides run your blood pressure up, test your patience,and make you debate if catching a charge and going to jail is worth beating they ass. If you’re this type of student please just drop out, or shut the hell up. Nobody wants to hear how you don’t try and don’t care because your parents paid for it.

3.The “I JUST WANT TO PARTY” type of student
Now these people are fun to have as friends when you want to get out and have a good time. Their balancing is either a 50/50 some can balance the the art of school and partying, i tend to have the friends who party hard but still can get the job done in school. Then i have the other friends who get caught up in the parties and just lose focus in school and forget why they came to college in the first place. and i love both groups but as the older you get you slowly drift towards the positive balancers. The party student seems to know when the parties are happening, where they’re happening, and who and what is going to be there. it’s pretty amazing to watch them break down the upcoming party and describe every little detail but then see them in college algebra struggle to explain SOH CAH TOA. These type of students are fun and you’ll likely make on of them your best friend and will create memories together. If you’re one of these student just make sure that they have a balance, and if you need help balancing ask for help!!!1

4. The “Athlete” type of student
How i love but hate the athlete. when i think of the athlete i stroll down memory lane to all the friends i had and have that are athletes. These type of students are characters. They all are very alike, yet very different. The girl student athletes are cool and nice friends to have. They’re usually busy in practice or school or working. They usually have the balance down because they’ve been doing it for a majority of their life. They are the type of friends that are good to have…. Now onto Male athletes they’re either really cool or the most annoying douchebag you will ever encounter. Some are like the female athletes have a balance with everything they do and are social and talk to everybody and people know them. Professors like them the whole student body enjoys their presence they’re just cool to be around. Then their is the athlete that think he is the god of campus. This type of student will annoy and work the last final word you have. They usually talk about all they bring to the school, and the the fancy things he has, how all the people want him, and girl athletes can and sometimes are this way to. And sometimes they do have a fan base on campus who feed into the ” their a god” bullshit but no. You are a student like the rest of us sit your ass down and get a grip please!! if you are this type of student please just stop humble yourself.

Now i love these type of students. They are the most laid back funny people you will meet. i have a group that sit on the stairs of a church across the street and smoke various things and tell you deep poetic quotes as you walk by. i find it very interesting and amusing. They are usually the student that challenges the teacher in questions, because in their mind they believe nature and deeper thinking is the way to go. They usually brag about how they don’t comb their hair, and inspire to grow dreads and “become one with nature”. They usually try to explain how your name or birthday means something special when really they’re just pulling random things out their butt and that’s okay with me. if you’re one of these type of student, i love you. You make my day a little better and interesting thank you.

These are just a small list of people you will encounter at college and make sure you socialize with all. College is a place of discovery and experience so get out there and meet these people and have fun!!!!

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