A song from my childhood

I have been on pinterest a lot lately since i started school, and if you haven’t created on or don’t know what it is you should really check it out because it’s amazing, I’ll put the link below. So while i was scrolling through trying to think of certain things to blog about and spice it up and i had read through my journal board and i found some pretty cool things to talk about, one was a song from your childhood. And if you know me you know i love music, like love love music. One of my favorites was I’m real, by j-lo and ja rule and if you haven’t heard this song you need to listen because it puts you in such a good mood and makes you love your significant other or want to find a significant other. I’ll put the link below with my pinterest. So this song came out in 2001 i was 4 and would sing this as if i knew what they were talking about. I would sing J-Lo and my dad would rap Ja Rule. The song is about being real and having your partner appreciate it because it is hard to find. When I was 4 I just loved the beat and the worst were catchy but now that i’m 18 and listen to it i appreciate this song and relate to it. The song tells how a girl feels after getting out a relationship and wanting another one, but not wanting to settle for anything less then she deserves, then she meets the gut she’s been looking for and they hit it off. He appreciates everything about her, from her hair, to looks, to inner self because she’s her and she’s real. And she loves and appreciates him because he the exact same. They stay by each other through everything and that makes their bond unbreakable. This song just makes you want to dance and makes you ing every word out loud with all you have and just vibe. This is one of my childhood favorites and i would like to thank my dad for singing/rapping along with me, makes it the main reason it’s my favorite childhood memory song.

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