I hate math, ill be the first to tell the teacher when they ask what’s my opinion on math, and ever since first grade, it hasn’t change. i have never like the whole concept of math i think if you can count money, tell distance, and do basic addition, division multiplication and subtracting you’ll be okay in life. because when in the hell do we use slope intercept form in our life??? exactly we don’t. So while in my math lecture today when the teacher was talking i had zoned out and thought back to all the math classes and teachers i had in the past and was sitting there and getting angry that i even had to take some of those classes because it’s nothing but the same thing over and over just adding  more letters of the alphabet and exponents in it each year. and while i was sitting there zoning out getting upset about how much i had math, and how i still got stuck in a math class when what i was learning HAD NOTHING TO DEAL WITH THE REAL DAMN WORLD i had thought, i want to work on tv and writing and with animals, granted a vet does use math but dr. stevens lets say isn’t doing the damn zero property rule/slope intercept form to save little sparky…. it’s just not happening. so as I’m sitting there getting more mad the professor had asked us about our majors and what we planned one being and it was interesting about how many people were majoring in different things and how many people were kissing up to this man, all until it came around to me… now i was the black sheep out of the class. i and told him about my plans in journalism and veterinarian medicine and then he asked me the most idiotic question i have ever received it went like ” oh, so are you going to sign up for” and i can’t even finish what he was saying because all that was going through my head was “hell to the naw” at every class he was spitting out. math sucks i was looking at him like this. i told him i was majoring in journalism and had set it up to take all my pre vet reqs in the summer and throughout the year, i was not about to make my whole college experience math and science. and he looked at me bugged eyed, apparently nobody had ever been that blunt about their hatred for math to his face, when i looked at him i thought i had messed up big time, then he looked at me and laughed. apparently i was “amusing” to him and i have a bright future in media and medicine because I’m to the point and know  what i want and how to get it. And that remark made me hate his class less because he explained to me how he hated english how that was his math and made it feel relatable.  So here i am now with 16 weeks left of this semester a whole 16 weeks left of pure hell in math. But i have been studying and going to get help so I’m pretty confident in this semester, but i still don’t like it…. i will never like it.

8 thoughts on “Al(ass)gebra

  1. I understand your pain, even if I don’t necessarily agree with you. 🙂 The extent of relying on math in your life depends a lot on your profession. I’m in engineering, and hell yes math is essential. And it doesn’t always mean that I use complicated formulas and equations on a daily basis, but I wouldn’t be able to understand what I’m studying now if I didn’t have a serious background in math. And it’s not just formulas and hours wasted by doing countless exercises. It’s the concept and the logic that you gain. I also had subjects, in high school and in college too, that I hated and thought was useless. But now I think that they might not be all that useless, even though I don’t need to use what I forced into my mind with so much pain. I think you gain a little bit with everything that you study, maybe you just need some (or a lot of) time to realise it. Hating a subject doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s useless. I hated literature in high school, but now I don’t think that it was a total waste of time. I was forced to read books that normally I would never even look at on my own, and there were ones that I really liked. And I needed some time (years) to be able to understand and appreciate the ones that I didn’t like back then. Even though I’m still not into literature and poetry, I think that I gained a lot by studying it, and it contributed a lot to how I perceive things in life. But this is just my opnion. 🙂


  2. I can tell you that a lot of things I studied that I THOUGHT was going to be important in life wasn’t, while some things I studied that I thought were useless weren’t. You may never use slope, but I can honestly say I have used algebra and geometry a lot more than I ever expected to as a social worker. And history? Oh, that stuff has come in real handy!

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