Nosey people

We all have been and know noisy people,  we all have been on both ends of the nosey lifestyle. There was times when people were all in our life and business and there were times when we were guilty of getting into other peoples lifes, so where is the line drawn from being nosey to pure line stepping?? Where do we as individuals decide that we are going to ask about this, and not ask about something else??  this lovely line we call common sense… we know when we are stepping the line from nosey to personal however a lot of people don’t. They will hop, skip, double dutch their ass across across that line and i can’t stand it. I’m all for socializing and interacting with people and getting the latest tea but people there is a line.  There are really 3 types of pure line crossing nosey people and here is who they are…….

1:  The ” i already know but i want to hear what you heard” person. 9 times out of 10 this person doesn’t know a damn thing and is trying to discover what is going on and all who are involved. This person will tell you a story that they “know” and you know they’re lying because half way through their lie they get to mixing up parts of their story and start to confuse themselves, now the best thing about these type of people is that they are very entertaining. these are the kind of people that actually get the truth to surface, due to the fact that they have been running their mouths about things they know nothing about the person confronts them, usually gets violent then while in the mist of getting violent the person is talking while hitting and BAM everybody gets the truth! so a personal thank you to tall these type of people you make my life a little more entertaining with your shenanigans.

2: The ” Tell me, i won’t tell nobody” person. let me tell you something from personal experience this person will tell and will run their mouth like there is no tomorrow after you tell them what you know. you want the story to spread tell this person. if somebody has to say to you ” i won’t tell anybody”, just know they already thinking of the people they’re going to tell and how they’re going to tell it. This person will be the name mentioned when the story goes around because the friend they told will tell their friend who told their friends that they heard it from them. so by the time everybody hears it and it gets back to you that the person was telling people you know you can’t trust that person to hold water. and if you’re this person just stay out of peoples business, if you’re going yo be nosey be a little secretive about it, don’t go telling everybody and their grandmother if somebody trusted you enough to tell you. As a matter of fact that’s not you even being nosey, you just being stupid.

3: The begger, this person doesn’t even need parentheses because that’s who they are. they beg for the details on things.  They will hound you until you tell them something that you know. They will bring up things they did for you in the past and they won’t care or acknowledge that it may have been years ago. or they will hit you with that ” i thought we were friends” line knowing damn well you guys haven’t talked in ages and the only words you ever exchange are non existent. this is the worst nosey person worse then the lying nosey person in my book. they don’t give up, they’re persistent about getting the information that they want and will not shut the hell up until they get it. They usually get the information they want 2 weeks later then everybody due to the fact they irritated everybody asking a million questions and stalking them but they won’t care… they’ll just be excited to finally know what was going on.

So as i said earlier we are all in a way nosey, however some of us are worse then others. and if this offended you then you’re probably guilty of 1 of the 3 and it’s okay we have all been 1 before, it’s life. just know the limit and know where the line is so you don’t cross it.





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