70 percent

Life is a rollercoaster, we have ups and we have our downs we experience a lot of things in the time that we are given and sometimes it all starts to feel like it is to damn much, we start to get stressed out by every little thing possible, start and look and second guess our actions to the point were we stress the stress. So really what is the point of it all?? Today after taking the dreaded math quiz i took i realized how irrelevant the stress and the class is all together. I began to think back to all my previous years in school and here i am now in college stressing over a quiz…. a quiz. when this is one of many quizzes that has came my way. and throughout the years i passed some i failed some, but though  it all i always made it through the class and always got the damn thing done my way, on my time . so what is so different now? is it because I’m in college? is it because i paid a lot of damn money for it ?  all these things have been going through my head and when it comes down to it, it’s one damn quiz, in my long 4 year college experience, and I’m pretty content with my 70. I am not a math person i have never received anything above a 85 on my math test ever and i have learned to embrace that and keep it pushing!!! And know I’m not the only one who is terrible at math, but at least I’m trying.  i could sit around and feel all bad about a 70 but I’m not, i could set a goal for myself to get a A in college algebra but I’m not because i know my limits, and i know myself. I was never good in math and i probably will always be average in math and i will live with that. because my strong point is in english and science anyways, and a lot of people can’t get through english to save their souls but that’s second nature to me. so the point I’m trying to make is don’t stress yourself out setting standards for yourself that you know are a challenge and expect to complete them all and do amazing your first time around. Because i know how hard i studied for this quiz and got a 70 when i could of easily blowed it off and gotten a good old 30. perfecting a weak point takes time, someone who sucks at math isn’t going to study has done jump in and get a 100, thats like somebody just learning how walk one day running a 5k the next… things take time people. so if you’re stressing over something don’t panic. in order to grow we have to learn and in order to learn we have to be willing to listen to what we are being taught and study it so we can get better at it. great things happen when you allow time to take over and put in effort for what you want.  So if you’re freaking out about something it will be okay, you won’t be on edge forever just relax, and try again.

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