Pet Peeves

We all have our personal pet peeves, things that make our skin crawl and our blood boil. Things that people seem to do daily. And these things just aren’t little minor things these are things that you can’t stand, these are called pet peeves. We all have them, we all are guilty of getting upset when we encounter one, but it’s human nature it’s what makes us unique individuals. Here is a list of 10 of my ultimate pet peeves!!


1: ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS!! There is nothing worse then when somebody asks you a question that is truly a insult to your intelligence. a good examples of stupid questions are lets say you haven’t eaten since the morning and you get home around 8, 9 pm and one of your family members sees you devoting food and they’re going to ask you ” you hungry” or when you see your ex in public with a friend or family member and they have the audacity to ask you ” how did that make you feel?” like what the hell…. how do you think i felt? did you think that i felt amazing and wanted to do cartwheels through the parking lot and braid flowers through my hair, like let’s get real and stop it!!!! when you see me red in the face unable to breathe after going hard in the gym don’t ask me if I’m thirsty. If you see me and see what I’m doing don’t ask me what I’m doing!! I am a patient person i am but stupid questions they’re real people and they make my soul mad.

2:  SMACKERS!!! if you smack your food…. stop. if you smack on gum…. stop. Nobody wants to hear that and unless your eating your grandmas homemade mac and cheese nothing is that good to have you smacking like you have no house training my friend.

3:Snoring!!!! i know this one is really petty because people can’t help it but i don’t know why it drives me insane, i can’t block it out for the life of me. and i have a strong feeling the person i fall in love with in the future will snore like there is no tomorrow so this is a pet peeve I’ve been working on tuning it out and learning that it’s a human body reaction.

4: PARKING IN MALL PARK LOTS!!! trust me there are people out here in this world thing to get lucky and make a quick check so it seems like they will purposely try to piss you off and will see you preparing to pull into the spot then take it. then have the nerve to look at you as they do it, this is a test of patience. either you get violent or say whatever and continue to look for a new spot, i just hate parking in general but the mall the most.

5: PEOPLE WHO RIDE MY BUMPER!!! okay first off you riding my ass all the way down the street isn’t going to make me go faster. it’s not, i don’t care where you’re rushing to you placing yourself to the tail of my car is actually going to make me slow down a little to because you will have had pissed me the hell off. i swear people are lucky I’m not rich and michigan is a no fault state because if i was rich and didnt have that stupid no fault rule i would slam on my breaks sometimes just to get the other person in some trouble. beacause you know better then that. act like you got some sense when you guys are driving please.

6: RIGHT AWAY ABUSE!!! you will see a lot of this at college campuses. people find out they have the right away before cars and lose their mind. i had a handful of people see me from down the street chose to just stand there and as soon as i get closer to them they want to dart out infront of my car….. like hello excuse you do you want to die??? My friend cierra is infamous for her right away abuse she walks across the street like a car won’t smash her.  So people if you see a car driving down the street walk across before hand if you can don’t chose the second before the car passes you because reality is the car will win the battle between you and it.

7: ENTIGHTLED PEOPLE!!!  I hate when somebody views themselves above everybody else, i can’t stand it. i don’t care if you got a full ride to a college, i don’t care if you’re nationally ranked in a sport, i don’t give a damn if your dad is the president you are no different from the rest of the population. so many people walk up with their noses in the air and act like their shit doesn’t stink. Just as quick as you made it to the top and became successful you can lose it all in the blink of a eye. treat people with respect not everybody is on your level and that’s okay. however people are people and we all bleed red.

8: TAYLOR SWIFT!! i love her music but her as a person not so much anymore

9: TAXES!!! so i have recently discovered my ability to view my paystub and i have seen how much money taxes take out my check and i don’t like it but that’s how we live and thats the world.

10: OHIO STATE!!! it’s great to be a wolverine people what is a buckeye ???  #GOBLUE



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