Knowing where you come from

One thing that everybody needs to know and always needs to remember is knowing and never forgetting where you come from. If you can only remember one thing it should be always remembering where you came from, because where you came from made you who you are. Because it’s crazy how many people really don’t know themselves, i used to be one of those people. We forget where we come from and who we are and try to create this better more acceptable person when in reality who we force ourselves to become is not who we are meant to be. When we mold ourself into what others want we die. We aren’t alive becoming somebody you aren’t is living dead. Everyday you feel the same, or at least i did nothing would ever change. You can predict the day, what people will say, what you will do. Living like that is not okay and it’s not life. You sit and wait for your life to start when it’s not going to, because you’re forcing yourself to believe that who you are doing yourself to become isn’t you. You will sit at square 1 for years, you’re whole life if  you don’t take charge. It would be late at night and i would think to myself how dissatisfied i was with my life. i hated where i was, i hated the people i had to see Monday through Friday, and i hated the idea of who i should be vs who i was. And it’s such a hard place because when people ask you to explain yourself and how you feel you can’t. Because you don’t even know the answer you’re so busy trying to become somebody that you think everybody will understand and accept. And the hard truth is not everybody will accept you, not everybody will get you and that is perfectly okay. Trust me the day you stop living for everybody approval and praise you will have finally gotten out of square 1.  The whole way this ties into our past is our past makes us. We are who we are because of our past. And when we ignore it, it will only gain more control. Some of us have past that we believe we should ignore and act like it never happened, that’s not life. We need to acknowledge that things happened, we feel a certain way, whats not okay is telling somebody thats its been a long time since then it’s time to let it go, or my favorite ” it’s not my fault”  then they break down your past, that’s what people do when they don’t understand you. They will make you feel crazy and it’s hard to blame them when you don’t really know yourself yet. However when you finally accept your past there is nothing anybody can tell you about you, literally nothing. I know that’s what happened with me, you realize that who you are what people claimed to be is so “pathetic” or “tragic”  isn’t real.  We all grow up eventually, we all out grow certain ways and change but embracing your past and your mistakes will make you untouchable. Because people will always throw their opinion about you and the way you act, dress, handle things and it’s your choice on how you deal with it. It’s okay if you have a shitty past, or a nice past embrace it, learn from it, and when people try to throw it in your face smile because they can’t say anything negative about the present because you’re growing and doing good. Once you accept your past you discover yourself, you discover it all. Your past doesn’t determine your future but handling issues from the past and embracing it will give you a bright future. And when you discover this you’ll feel amazing. And i hope that the people who are stuck and think that they’re always going to feel bad and lost you discover the issue and learn from it, embrace from it and grow. And there is no levels to pain or anger feelings are feelings and we all have them it’s the way we all handle it. So i hope everybody begins to find themselves again, embrace their past, and lets the hurt go. And if people can’t handle the fact you’re growing and are happy let them go.

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