1: Jacqueline taught me ….

The letter i framed
When i was 14 years old i had my share of “friends”, I had my weekend friends I had my sports friends, I even had friends just because i would want their help in a class. I had all these people around me and knew that i only had a handful of real friends and one that was me from the beginning was Jacqueline, She was the softer side to me, she was the one my parents told me to be like and the teachers suggested i go to for help when i wasn’t doing so hot in their class, Jacqueline was my other half. I had known her since i was 9 and ever since then i had known i never wanted to lose her as a friend. However life has different plans. My stepmother might as well call her my mom had her job relocate to Roswell Georgia, A stuck up suburb of Atlanta. At first i was excited about the idea of a new place, new people, new memories then it hit me in the middle of my art class that i would lose Jacqueline. When i realized that feeling of wanting to go turned to dread. I had became so used to having her by my side through it all. From my first detention, to first time calling a girl a bitch, first boyfriend she was there for it all. I wasn’t ready to lose the only person in my life that had stayed consistent and never judged anything i had ever done. Slowly the 2 months i had left of the school year turned to 2 weeks which flashed by and left me with 2 days. The day before the big move i had invited jacqueline over to hang out one last time before everything would change. That day June 31st we had laughed at so many small things and it was fifth grade all over again. I wasn’t thinking about the tomorrow in that moment. I wasn’t thinking about losing her, me having to go to school and not see her, me having a issue and not having her right there to set me straight, that few hours we had were everything i wanted them to be before i had to leave. Then time had caught up to us and she had to go home and i had to pack up the last little things i had laying around my floor. When we had hugged we both were crying not only because it was sad but because we both knew the next time we would see each other we wouldn’t be the same people we were in that moment. We would of made new friends and went through things in our life that will have changed us and we wouldn’t be there for eachother to help guide each other out the woods. Then she gave me something that would change my life, Something i thank God till this day that she gave me because it has and continues to help me through tough times, She handed me a note. In the note she had told me that she wasn’t ready to lose me but life happens. She told me to make the best of this move, She had said i need to make new friends and grow. And lastly she asked me to never forget her, And when i read that i burst into tears, She was telling me to do everything i knew i should do.. but just didn’t know how to. She had given me so much hope in that letter. She had made it easier for me in a way to accept that this move was going to become my new “life”. I had to learn how to live without her. That letter will always be something i go too when i need guidance, That letter had saved me from myself.

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