The beginning of T’yanna

Okay guys so English by far is my favorite class in college, I can express myself with no limits and write the only thing I seem to do and not mess it up. So we got our first assignment Friday and it was to write about 5 objects that mean something to me. And instantly I thought of a letter my Bestfriend Jacqueline wrote me , my stuffed animal named cleopatra., my old journals, my hair, and a radio. These were the first 5 things I thought of when she said that. 5 simple things that make me who I am. When I began to think about these 5 object and why they mean so much to me I was feelings so many different things. Each of these 5 simple objects had extremely different backgrounds but all had the same impact on me in the end, and i will post the background stories to these lovely objects tomorrow….

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