Mint green toothbrush

My father always told me “ they talk about it because they want it”, and i would listen to him and think to myself he has no idea what he is talking about. In my mind nobody wanted a pile of curls on top of their heads. Nobody wanted to look like a mushroom head and to make the whole situation worse my forehead was bigger then life itself. And when nobody wanted to strain their arms doing my hair they would sleek it all back and put it in this ponytail that 1, made my forehead shine brighter then the sun and 2 drove me crazy. When my hair was up it looked like a pom pom. When my hair was down it looked “wild” and “crazy” and when it was in braids…. it was barret city. Don’t get me wrong i loved them when i was younger. The way the colors would match with my outfits and the sound they made when they would hit against each other when i ran then…. i started to hate it. I hated the colors because they brought attention to my head, i hated the braids because they didn’t mask my huge forehead i just hated everything about my curly hair, i dealt with problem from first grade up until 8th grade. Then one day i was allowed to change it with a perm, this was a blessing to my eyes at the time i couldn’t wait to have silky straight hair and i was ready for people to stop telling me about my hair. Then i got it and i adored it, i loved having straight hair i loved being able to run my hands threw it and they wouldn’t get stuck. i loved having a swinging ponytail, i loved loved loved it. Then It hit me after having straight hair from 8th grade to junior year i hated it. Yes more boys seemed to talk to me when it was straight, Yes people told me they loved it straight and that i look older and more professional. However i couldn’t escape the feeling of did i press my hair out so much for them or for me??? That led me to coming home one day junior year and asking my mom if she could cut the perm damage out, I was ready to go back to how god made me. And she agreed and she did i went from a full ponytail to a small-medium size afro. And i have never felt so liberated in my whole entire life when it was all gone. From there i started watching youtube videos on curly hair, looking into products and became amazed with my own hair. Youtube channels have taught me to embrace the curls, love the curls, and mostly accept the fact that you have curls. And the funny thing to me is they all talked about a toothbrush… They said use a toothbrush to lay down your baby hairs and it will enhance however you chose to style it. So i got a mint green toothbrush that i used and have been using daily to help style my crazy wild beautiful curly hair. And if you have curly hair and hate it, embrace it people is beautiful people really do pay a lot for it and you get it for free!!1

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