So nearly a month into school and realizing so many people are starting to settle, everyone who started with fun different majors have switched, everybody at work is acting as if we aren’t equals and one is above the other, and people are just starting to settle. THIS IS NOT OKAY!!1 i have always been the type of girl to dream of some of the craziest things and the type to go out and make things happen regardless of the odds or peoples opinions because thats just me and frankly i don’t care if people like me because god didn’t put me on this earth for everybody to like me. In class i heard people talking about switching to business to play it “safe” and that other majors don’t make enough money so it’s pointless, if it’s so pointless why do people force feed the idea that college is were you go to make your dreams a reality??? i really want to know this why does everything revolve around money? Because i could careless if journalism makes under 50k i will still like it a thousand times better then majoring in business working a 9-5 for somebody else making their dream a success, and granted the majority of us want to own our own things and be our own boss but a lot of us are scared to take the chance to make t happen. a lot of us are scared of what people will have to say, the names we will be called, the looks we will get but who cares!! Really think about it we all have this bizarre dream or idea in our head that we think about daily. But we push it to the back of our mind because we are so scared of what people have to say. When people are talking about you congratulations you’re doing something worth so much time people will use their own to discuss you. But the point people miss is that in order really get things done you have to keep things to yourself. stop telling people your next move, stop telling people your plans for the future, just shutup and work hard. Because with time things will start to build up and you will see your dream becoming a reality. And when you really become about yourself and getting to where you want people are going to talk and they will try to tear at you. And it’s okay to be a “bitch” it’s okay to tell people what you want, how you want it done, and why you need it done all in a respectful manner. Don’t go around thinking you’re a god once you get a little success stay humble, work hard, and remember where you came from and never forget the best people are often the craziest. So embrace it when people call you it just don’t settle for anything below what you love and deserve and if people can’t understand and comprehend what you want there is 7 billion people in this world and let know their opinion is literally 1 in a billion making it highly irrelevant stay yourself people don’t settle !!!!!!

3 thoughts on “WHAT YOU DESERVE

  1. This is great! I always say do what you love. Those who are switching majors to business will probably end up hating their jobs. I rather have a career in something I’m passionate about and make less money than being unhappy and making a ton of money.

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  2. In my high school career planning class we were taught that when we search for our “perfect career” we should start by looking at our personal interests (writing, science, etc.) and then the things that we need from our career (working hours, income.) Money should never come first but it is always something to consider. The important thing to remember is that if you dream big enough, every career choice has a “wealthier” option. If money is important, you just have to continue climbing that ladder. Nobody starts out making billions, but if your job is truly your passion you’ll end up going farther than anyone who is just after cash.

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