A dog named Cleopatra

I always had a thing for damaged goods, i was always the person going over what everybody had already picked through. And many people usually tend to leave behind the best things. People are quick to grab the things believe hold the most potential to make quick money, I’m more into deeper meaning. That’s why Cleopatra meant the world to me. She was a stuffed animal dog who i recall getting from my grandma’s basement, my grandma used to hoard those little beanie baby animals and i loved it. I don’t know why i took such a liking to cleopatra so much but it was my favorite animal of them all. I done everything with this simple beanie dog form using the bathroom, to taking a bath, going to school, where ever i was the dog was not far behind. The stuffed animal had taken a beating over the years, from the trips we had taken to the park, the times i would hold it while i cried, to me leaving it a random places only to later realize i didn’t have her start to panic and backtrack my last steps, the stuffed animal meant the world to me. Then one day i lost it, i don’t remember when and i don’t remember where. I look back now and think about losing it as a symbol of me losing a piece of my innocence. I looked at cleopatra as if she was alive and breathing, as if she had a soul too. And when i lost her and didn’t have the urge or care to find her i had realized on later on life i had grown up there. I had lost the power of imagination something that had once been all i was able to do. Now at 18 and i look back to 5 year old me and cleopatra i realized that simple stuffed animal had made me in more ways then i can name. Realizing it was only a simple $4.99 stuffed animal, but to 5 year old me that stuffed animal was my whole world.

2 thoughts on “A dog named Cleopatra

  1. I think we all had something like that we can relate to. It’s amazing the things or people who help to mold who we will become one day, and yet we only realize it in retrospect. I like hearing these kind of stories. Thanks for sharing ! 🙂

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