I don’t think people realize how much they want to live until they almost die. I mean a lot of us really take our life for granted. We go to sleep with the thought of waling up tomorrow and repeating our daily life routine, but the truth is nobody knows when and how they’re going to die. We kind of go day to day avoiding the idea that we were born to die. We are given 365 days and 24 hours, some of us will long and grow old, some of us will die young, and only a handful of us will encounter death and beat it, however all of us will see the day we die. I started to think a lot about this because this lovely Thursday i was almost hit by a semi truck that decided to avoid a stop sign and just zoom through it And while my body went into survival mode and i hit 100mph to get ahead and out of his way i was thinking “what if i had died?” What if i hadn’t had sped up in time and what if he had hit me? The likely chance of me serving the impact would be slim to none, And that didn’t make me upset or scared it made me feel pretty pissed off. I am only 18 i didn’t even really get a chance to live yet and to think i would of died because some asshole wasn’t paying attention to a stop sign. I have so many thing i want to do, so many people I’m destined to meet,and it was all going to be shattered by somebody i don’t know and a stop sign… The reason for this post is that so many people feel like they want to die because they don’t realize how much they truly want to live. Think about if today was your last day, did you tell the person you liked how you truly felt, did you tell your parents you loved them, did you feed you dog or cat, did you tell your brother or sister that you love them. Or did you say something you didn’t mean, did you tell someone you love you hated them, did you get in a fight with your best friend? all theses things matter and how can you fix them or enjoy them when you’re gone??? All i can think about now is how i haven’t even lived, i haven’t fallen in love, i haven’t seen the world yet, i never had a night where i partied so hard i woke up and didn’t remember where i was, I didn’t have any of my 5 desired kids yet, I may be 18 but inside i’m still a kid. It drives people crazy getting old because they’re scared. People are scared of life and seem to find their comfort in the idea of death. But life is so beautiful, We are given the chance to create our own world, we have all the power to create what we want,Yes we will eventually have to leave our parent and friends and comfort zone but that’s amazing. So many do die young and don’t get the chance of life and we do, we are here and we are alive why do we waste it? Nobody wants to die i believe everybody just wants to live. We all want to feel like we have a purpose on this earth and that we mean somebody to somebody and regardless of what we feel we all mean something to someone, we all do. It’s normal to get uneasy about growing up and old but it’s not okay to fear it, it’s a gift that not everybody gets love it, enjoy it and don;t forget that you’re alive and here for a reason. So if you feel like you failed at life or useless you’re not get up, dust yourself off, and live your life to the fullest.

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