day 31 of 365

So in the course of 31 days a lot has happened, from me straightening my hair to only realize i hate it after a day, me realizing i hate college but love it as much as i hate and me finally realizing what i want to do with my life and where i want to be by net year. Here are the things i realized this month….

1:I hate the snow, when i had moved to Atlanta i would always complain about missing the snow and wanting the snow back, now that i’m back in Michigan i hate it and i want it to just go away because i want the sun back

2: Working out is addictive, ever since i started going to the gym it not only helped my body it also helped me emotionally, when you look good you feel good people. once you get a routine down and start eating clean and see the changes in your body you will feel a natural high.

3: I finally discovered where i want to move and go to college for all 4 years !!! i have been stuck between Florida State, Michigan State, University of Michigan and North Carolina State for months now and now i can honestly say i want to go to North Carolina State, so wolf pack it is!!!

4: People say some stupid shit, i have always known this but this month is when i have actually did more listening then i did talking and i realized people really don’t think before they speak, they just say what they think is okay and i can either let it bother me or ignore it… and I have mastered the art of ignoring

5: Michigan is not for me, i love the state but what i want isn’t here.

6: Au Pair, so you all know how i want to travel and see the world and au pairing is a way, i can work with a family and explore their lifestyle and country. As of now i have 2 families i really like one in madrid spain, and the other in italy, i would love both the places and both the families are very sweet so i am super excited about that!!!!

7: My sister athena is my best friend, literally the only person i tell everything too… everything she gives me guidance

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