Writers block

There is nothing worse then knowing what you want to write about but can’t seem to write about it. In my english class we are writing personal narratives and I have many ideas about what i wanted to talk about but all of them are things i don’t care to really talk about. My professor said if we wanted to write a good piece we had to write about something that confuses us… everything in my life is confusing. While she was talking about sentence structure and how we should try to be complex and challenge ourself and not write about things that we are already clear of one topic hit me like a bus. One thing that i had recently discovered that has changed me in and the way i view people around me so i chose to write about it, and i am stuck. I chose to write about something that is confusing to me and it’s a challenge to write about it because i am confused. How am i supposed to put together a beautiful piece of words when i don’t know where to start? I have came up with multiple rough drafts and they all start good to only go downhill after because i get pissed off due to the lack of me not knowing where to take it. However my draft is due friday and it’s either going to be really good… or really bad. I’ll post the paper friday and let you guys see what i mean.

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