Eating the pizza

“before you begin to read this, before you get so far in you begin to form a judgement on me and the situation that i myself put myself in i would just like to say, that i was in love. and before you pass the typical cliche judgement of “ ohh here we go another story about a lovestruck girl who fell in love with a toxic boy, blah blah blah”, i want you to know this isn’t that story. yes i was a stupid girl who fell in love, yes i was sucked into love with grace and ease. but it wasn’t with a the boy of my dreams with a dark side. it was my daughter whom i fell in love with, it was my little baby girl that ruined everything i once thought i was, and thought i could be. i fell in love with her and i’m not sorry… i’m not sorry.”
i stare blankly at the girl on my television, analyzing her studying her facial expressions. that interview was 3 weeks old, 3 whole long weeks 21 days old and it was just now being aired for the public to watch and hear all 45 seconds of a big public fuck you, and with that 45 seconds the public will have formed their own personal opinion on the whole situation, they would be handed the power to judge as if they were god. My whole 19 years of existence would be damned by 45 seconds and one night. it only took one night and 45 seconds for it all to change.

So this is a option for a introduction for a book i am creating and i am excited about it!!! The creative juices are back people. I finished the english paper that i was stuck on, i wrote it about a person who once meant alot to me but now we are strangers… it got real deep. And i think the paper is beautiful and that people will relate to the pain and findings you discover when you lose somebody you love, and they’re not even dead. Exploring outside of your comfort zone is scary but yet so amazing and fun to do, you write way better when you write about things that confuse you.

Anyways ….



As you read in my blog earlier i have been looking into becoming a Au Pair and i found a family i really adore in spain and have decide that they would be the best fit for us both, and i am in th process of applying for a passport and it’s soon many required hoops. from the typical social security and birth certificate but i shouldn’t have to take a mug shot. I have to wear my glasses my hair down which is equivalent to me looking like a hot ass mess!airport.gif This is how i was feeling when i realized it was a mug shot that was about to be taken, and the cost is just…. crazy not even going to go there.  But so far this tuesday is dragging, I’m exhausted and i really want pizza but i don’t want the weight of pizza on my body but you know me … i’m going to get myself a pizza so i hope your tuesday is better then mine so far 🙂

Xoxo, T’yanna Tells



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