Who do you dream of ?

last night was the longest night of my life. I couldn’t sleep, i was thinking about how much i want a different job and how much school is sucking the life out of me.My body was tired, but my mind was wide awake and kept playing every scenario about every little thing and i was just bothered. I scrolled through twitter nothing new was happening, the same girls in the same drama, the same guy up wide awake talking about how he’s a sleaze and wishes he wasn’t much a heartbreaker and that he misses his ex, and the oh so lovely porn retweeters. Safe to say twitter was twitter. Then i resorted to instagram wanting to see who was missing their ex, or if anybody was stalking my pictures and trying to get my digits, i as wrong again. Instagram like twitter was dead. Then lastly i resorted to Facebook where it was actually pretty interesting. People were sharing poetry quotes and their thoughts on deep topics. Then i had stumbled across a cole interview that spoke to me, he talked about how we all go to a job we hate, and will do anything for money which makes us a sellout, and all i could think about was how i don’t want to be a sellout. I am going to do what i want to do, when i want to do it. After reading watching that interview i put my head down in hopes to force myself to pass out, when i got a notification from my friend who lives in california, it was 5 am my time and 2 am his time. He was responding super late and talking about my two cats leo and jasper and how they’re going to steal the soul out of my body…. he hates cats. Then i responded with a selfie captioned “why am i awake”? and his response really kept me up all morning he asked me ” do you think somebody is dreaming about you”? And when he asked that i thought about it and that inspired this post. Many people believe that when you can’t sleep somebody out in the world is dreaming about you, and that’s a weird yet amazing assumption. Granted they’re not dreaming about killing you or something but simply thinking about you as they sleep. I know i have dreamed about some people and would see them tweeter post about not being able to sleep that night and that would creep me out, but it’s amazing. That our mind is so complex that when we sleep we have the ability to dream of things when our whole body is down. So if this theory is true i hope whoever was dreaming about me it was a nice amazing dream and you weren’t visualizing you ending my life, because that’s not okay. Also i’m running on a good amount of 6 hours of sleep and i have work in less then 2 hours and I’m exhausted so no gym for me today just back to bed!! So if you couldn’t sleep or you were dreaming of somebody i hope it was amazing.

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