So today in english class we shared our personal narratives, and It’s amazing at how much people are different. I read a paper about somebody who isn’t form the country and feels alone and alienated, to another person joining a missionary group in Ann Arbor and having God lead her to a man that needed hi, And lastly about a person who was born with a foot problem and how they had to overcome it, Looking at them you would never tell. Everybody is amazing at hiding how they feel and where they come from and when they finally express themselves and allow themselves to become vulnerable It’s amazing. So i shared my personal narrative with them and the feedback was expected, My grammar was crap, i had long run on sentences, and my I’s weren’t Capitalized. However when i read the feedback what i had written about came back to me like a wave. I was seeing that whole day in my head again and again. And when i kept seeing it i had remembered the one thing i wanted to write about, The one ting i needed to write about. My professor told me to take the turning point of the essay and explode it get every last 5 senses you can in there… and it was amazing. I had a simple 3 word sentence, to nearly a whole new paragraph. And when i had finished looking at the paper i realized i wasn’t done, i was just getting started. Revising is simple yet the most important part, it’s where you realize that you left this out but included this and it’s not important, you get a idea of what the whole point of the paper is and it in a way wakes you up and brings back details you forgot. Writing is healing you tap about it and in a way it starts to fade, you begin to lose the anger about the topic and come to the reality of the whole situation, It’s amazing.

3 thoughts on “Revising

  1. I’m bad at revising (of course I’ve written hundreds of papers) but starting out, learning from those things and listening to the little points will make such a difference. I’m glad you found something positive that made you feel good about what you did! Wtg!

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