Super Bowl Sunday… Panthers!!!

So guys my baby made the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!cam newton gif.jpgCam Newton (Superman).  I love him, like i love him like i love pizza which is a deep love. I also love football so it’s a win win seeing my baby play in this game. So back to the point of this blog it’s super bowl Sunday and i have a math quiz tomorrow and i am studying the last chapter i need to and i am not focused…. but i will do ok on the quiz because i actually get what we’re doing now. We are finally reading and graphing and that is the easiest thing we can do i college algebra. So today i am going to study for this quiz and go the gym (probably) then pig out at a super bowl party and come home and attempt to study again.  I am in for the panthers to win it all and i hope you all have a amazing day and may the best team win today!!!

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