Remember when you were a little kid and you would go to the fair with your parents and you felt like everything in life was just good. You would ride all the rides, and the ones you didn’t want to you weren’t made to or made of fun of because you didn’t want to. You seemed to have control
Over all you did, you were happy and free. You were living without a care. Everything about the fair was fun then you wanted to go to the fun house. All the things going it drew you in, made you want to try it. As you entered you first began with the mirrors. Any way seemed like a way to the next stop of the fun house. You bump your head a few times, run into a couple dead ends, after servers I attempts you finally reached the best step. Then it was time to walk up the stairs as you were walking up the stairs they began to shake. You were losing your balance time to time, not knowing if the next stair would shake as bad as the one before that. You jouryned up the stairs to see a long walk ahead to mirros. These mirrors weren’t the ones you had at home. One mirror made you short and fat, made you resemble a ball with your face. The other mirror made you tall and skinny like a supermodel. And the last one was the Normal one, the mirror like that mirror at home. You never paid that one much time because you were used to the picture it didn’t entertain you. So after you finished looking at your self in the mirror you went down the slide. The slide was the only stable thing out of the whole fun house bringing you down to the exit, the spinning tunnel. The tunnel spined slow, however you were so little it took you time to get out. You stumbled a lot and sometimes you just wanted to try to spin around all the way you just stood their frozen. As other kids and families passed you, you were stuck in this tunnel until you decided you wanted to come out. And when you came out you had your mom and dad waiting for you smiles on their faces due to the smile on yours. Life was good, everyone was happy, nothing was bad everything was perfect. But like many say nothing good last forever things are bound to change. I never thought that the 5 year old girl 11 years later on the same day she went to the fair with her parents, the same little girl who everyone thought was happy and perfect…wanted to die. Only she knew and understood her reasons for her actions she had lost her way, she was trapped in the funhouse.

This is one of the many beginnings of a story i probably will never write 🙂

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