So Yesterday marked the first day of lent, and lent is when for 46 days you give up something that you use or eat daily, and i have decided this year i want to give something up and i have been debating maybe social media, or swearing, or talking bad about people i don;t like then this morning while going through my closet trying to salvage a cute outfit together, due to the fact i have been dressing like a complete bum lately, i had realized how much clothes i actually have. I have a Large closet with shelves and a white light that illuminates it even more. It was while throwing shirts aside and looking at some of my clothes in disgust, due to the fact i had lost the love i had once had for the item i had realized, other people would love these !! And I’m not talking about Goodwilll where people go to find cute things for cheap, I’m talking about real people on the streets and in homeless shelters or friends, family, other people who would appreciate what i have die to the fact, they have less. When i started looking around at everything laying around my room i began to realize i no longer have a desire for a lot of things. And some people may say thats selfish or ungrateful but it’s life. We grow out of things, all go through phases where we love something then a month late hate it. So what’s selfish is keeping it all knowing you’re never going to use it or wear it again. So i have planned to get everything i don’t like or want in a pile and give them to somebody i think needs it more then i do. And it’s not charity work, or feeling bad for somebody it’s being a decent human being. So many people start to work and get nice things in life and forget we are ll equal. I know I am guilty of it, I use to be so absorbed in name brand clothing and nice things and when i would get them i would look down on somebody who wasn’t wearing what i was, and i was just shallow. It wasn’t until i had taken a real good look at myself and was like ” I am a bitch.” Granted we all have our rude nasty mean days, and that’s normal that’s okay, but to live life with this idea you’re above somebody isn’t okay. Helping others is what we should do, It’s what we were put on this earth to do. The thing that made me look at “Charity” different was this man named thomas, he lives under a expressway ramp by my school. He had seen me struggling to warm up my hands due to the fact i had forgotten my gloves, and he had offered me his own. Somebody who was living under a express bridge, somebody who didn’t have food or a secure shelter was offering me, a girl who had a nice winter jacket, a car, and home his only pair of gloves. I had denied his offer and said thank you and he was pretty stuck on giving me his gloves, instead i and given him a 10 and a pack of combos and he had asked me ” aren’t you going to ask if I’m going to buy drugs” and it blew me away that he had said that, because the thing honestly never crossed my mind. I just looked at him and told him no, because i had given him the money how he spent it was his choice. And the look he gave me was one i will never forget, he had been to tell me about people who have given him money and told him not to buy drugs or alcohol, and how some people had stolen 15 dollars he had in a cup, took it form him and his sleep, and how others would put money out their window and when he would walk to them they would drive away, just the normal americans acting the normal american way. And the messed up part was thomas wasn’t a drunk, or drug addict he was somebodys son, somebody’s father. He had lost his family in 2013 due to a car accident, and when he lost them he had lost his will to live. He had been laid off and since then has been living on the streets, He only had his wife and 2 girls, the rest of his family he hasn’t seen or spoken to them since he was 16, now he is 48 and this is where his life had bought him. His story is something we all need to think about when we see people on the streets. So many people are quick to call them “disgusting” or “lazy as hell” but the truth is, us people who have the privilege of not being on the streets are the lazy ones. We can Protest about twinkies, gay rights, chicken farms but not about people living on the street!! everybody wants to change the world but nobody wants to change themselves. So for lent i am helping others and will continue to help others, all while bettering myself because in order to change the world, we must change ourselves.

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