Saturday Glam

So this lovely Saturday i decided to get cute! And let me tell you when you look good, you feel good. I have decided i need to start spending money on myself, like pampering because we all deserve it. We all pay for food,clothes,bills, but how often do we spend money on something that isn’t a need but more a pampering want? I think we all need to take the time to love and treat ourselves every once in awhile. So i got paid this friday and it was very much needed i decided this was going to be the check of T’yanna. First thing i did was get my nails done

IMG_9384.JPG I decided i wanted something cute but simple so went with a nice nude color. And I have been seeing a lot lately how the fake nails are dangerous and damaging on the nail bed so i avoided that and decided to do stick to my natural nail. And they turned out really cute for the price of 25 and the hand massage was to die for, i literally almost fell asleep when she was rubbing my hand.  Also Saturday my youngest sister always has basketballs and i woke up like my nails are done and i wanna look cute. So i made it happen IMG_9393 First thing i did was a braid out, which is when i wet my hair ( which is curly) and it helps define my curls aka get them popping. And i felt like doing my makeup and let me tell you i was feeling myself today

IMG_9401.JPGThis was the finale outcome of my hair and makeup with the simple foundation, eyeshadow, and lip. as you can see popping and my outfit was so snatched.


IMG_9424.JPGi paired the shirt with a beige jacket to match my skin tone and nails

IMG_9423.JPGThen i matched my nails with my purse because you know it had to all fit together.

IMG_9425.JPGThen topped it of with the boots matching from head to toe!! well loves today is over yet has just began. I’m going to hockey game for the first time in my life tonight so that should be pretty fun. Hope you guys all have a wonderful day and a glamorous Saturday!!

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