It’s Happening!!!!!!

So i finally decided to go ahead and purchase a camera!!! And I am super excited because next check i am buying my own domain so no more it is so exciting people. Like i am ready to advance with this people, Videos are coming. And not the normal expected things like hair and makeup just everything! i feel like i live a very interesting life and have a very unique personality so why not hit the streets with this lovely talent! i will be doing it on my youtube channel every Tuesday and Thursday aka T’yanna Tuesday and T’yanna Thursday. it could be about my hair, my makeup, old friends, new friends, hell even reasons why i hate math i just have a lot to talk about. Not to mention I am interested in you guys. You all seem to be doing something fun and unique, always wearing something different form one another so I want to know what inspires people to wear they things they do and act the way that they act. So i will be doing street interviews in the summer because everybody is out and they’re all happy and what not so why not invade their life lmao. So I am so happy to announce that I ended this week finally doing something I have always wanted to do!!!

youtube link:

I can’t wait to start and share my videos with you guys!!

Love, T’yanna Tells 🙂

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