Living positive

So i have taken on a new way of approaching life and that is the beauty of positive thinking, and the devil is hard at work with my life right now. Start it off the devils subject is math i hate it i do not like it just screw math.fighting in math.gif This right here is a accurate representation of me in college algebra i get it for one second only to be hit in the mouth the next.  however instead of being all upset about it i decided it is preparing me for what is to come, and prepping me for round 2 of my math adventure into veterinarian school. it is easy for me to cry and piss and whine about it however i am going to be happy and i am going to let it hit me in the mouth as i smile because this is only the beginning 🙂


2nd Losing  Friends

I have recently grew apart from somebody i thought was a friend and have had people tell me not to trust them and i did not listen, because you know i am T’yanna and i try to see the good in everybody but yeah i have learned my lesson. You can be all upset about the situation or realize that what happened has happened for a reason and move on. Because if one thing is true you can never lose a “Real” friend. so this is a message to all the “friends” i and you guys  have lost. losing friends.gif



3rd LIFE

We all deal with some seriously messed up things, we all d. But how we chose to live with them is in our control. It is so easy to get upset and mad at something or somebody and let it destroy us from the inside out, however it is just as easy to love and think to yourself it is not that bad. People are really dying in this world, literally people are losing people that they love, cancer, world hunger and you are really concerned about missing a party, a stupid boy or girl, something that comes in one and a million and we just think about all the things going wrong and for every wrong there is usually a thousand right so focus on that my friends.  Stop being debbie downers and make some shit happen!! go out there and make this world yours dream big and grind until it becomes your reality. You can honestly do anything you put your mind too!



One thought on “Living positive

  1. Hi there, another great post; just a couple of things that came to mind while reading:

    1. I get your Algebra pain, math really messes with my zen to. I can say this though, it’s great that the start of each semester is the staart of a new academic chapter. Chin up, and smile. Once you make it through Algebra you get to on. Awesome right! So glad I got Algebra out the way. I’m in an introductory statistics right now; far less life sucking.

    2. Maybe it’s a by product of moving around a lot, and not having social media or cell phones in my early years, but I’ve found that most friendships are transient in my life. If you find that one drifts apart that’s ok, like any type of relationship, some just aren’t suppose to be. You’ll find another great friend to replace the one you lost.

    3. You’re absolutely right. When life throws us a curve ball, chock it up as experience and throw one back-as positive action!


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