Old “Fake” Friends

I have learned that you can’t please everybody. People grow, stay complacent however people change, we change, i changed. And along the path of changing i have lost nearly all of my friends. And i could be upset about it however if i am not losing friends i am not doing something write. We all get what we put out and when i look around i have really only lost one person i want back and that is so far fetch due to the fact we are now 2 different people who have the same likes just different views, and that seems to be enough to keep us apart. And if you haven’t realized yet i am not one to beg somebody to stay in my life or talk to me because i have learnt to be alone and enjoy my own company and it is addictive. However I will still have love for the girl considering i knew her since i was 11 and we have been through award phases together and what not. But when it is time to let it go you have to let it go. And i can say the rest of the friends i have lost i thank god for. I have nothing bad to say about them when i could honestly write a book about how shady they are but i am not going to. Because at a certain point in my life they had given me a pretty awesome friendship, they were just stepping stones in my life. I had to have them in my life for them to show me where i wanted to go to next. Some taught me that you can think your best friend when really you are just 2 people desperate for attention 24/7, others taught me never tell somebody your secrets when they tell you others, and other taught me that people come a go. You have friends then you have family. The people that stick around through it all and always seem to come back even with years of no communication that is family. The people who were in your life for a certain amount of time and made an impact on who you are, that is a friend. Regardless of how the friendship ended and what was or is going to be or has been said. I just want to thank all my old friends for allowing me the chance to know them and see them for who they were some of you were amazing some of you were the fakes bitches i have ever encountered in my life. Thank you for showing me that people can be amazing and shitty all at the same time. Thank you!

on a side note if our friendship ended and you feel the need to bad mouth me please make sure you talk about the wrong you did and not just my sudden reaction 🙂 also i am probably the best person you are ever going to have the chance of knowing soooooo yeah but continue on with the talk. Be sure to tell the people about my blog while you are it!!!!

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