Feel the Bern

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Vote people vote vote vote!!!! Bernie Sanders is the way to go, he actually seems to be the only person who gives a genuine shit about any of us who make under 6 figures, and that is a majority of us.  Trump, do not even get me started on the idiot, all he preaches about is hate, and if you think he doesn’t you need to wake the hell up. That troll wants to make “America Great again” But his head is so far up his ass he does not have the single idea of what America is even like. Yes, we have a issue dealing with illegal immigration and terrorism but if you are stupid enough to believe fighting fire with fire will help anything then you deserve to burn in the flames. Not everybody else. He feels the needs to separate and build and refer to people by slanderous names and cliche stereotypes and some of you idiots want this man to be the face of our country. Because it is funny and amusing when it is disgusting. The joke is always funny when it is not you. What if trump was going around talking about your people and who they act and how they’re illegal and deserve to be killed and traded as if they aren’t human beings??? Your ass would be hurt and have a lot to say. So many people think Trump is for the “American Dream” and making “America for the americans” well news flash it does not matter if you are white , black, indian , rich if you are not making good money and in a position of power trump will eventually roll over you too. So many people blame illegal immigrants and foreigners for economy issues when the real cut throat reality is you put people in office. Your vote decides who we let have a power over of us and when only certain people vote, we get stuck with their choice. Now what happened if we took time out of our day to actually vote and make a difference… a change will come. Speaking from myself and personal view i believe bernie is the best option i mean he represents the little people. And in a way exposes the government for what it is and why wouldn’t we put that man in office???  But some of us are too lazy to vote, when we need to get on it. I do not want to keep going to college and worry about having to pay it back,I don’t want to have to sit back and attempt to make my life something only for the rich to get more while i strive and get less. Bernie is old, but he is the man. Hilary is not the best choice, trump is shit bernie is the man. Bernie marched for black people he fought for rights back in a time when not a lot of whites were doing it but he did. He is all about just making a change instead some idiots entertain and support trump and i am sorry if you do you are so goddamn stupid. if he wins and slams this country into the ground it will be what in a way everybody deserves. 1 being if we did not vote for a change and 2 you idiots that support trump put that manic in the office. So wake up get up register and vote. Stop wanting to change the world and actually do it !!!!   




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