March Goals

So march is upon us and I have a few goals I would like to hopefully accomplish and here they are loves !!!!

1. Stop eating crappy food: I have been doing good the past 3 months eating and working out and yeah February half way through I freaking blew it !!

2. Make a YouTube video: I have so many thing I want to talk about and show you guys and i just need to find the time to record

3. Develop a genuine crush: I have been attracted to a lot of people lately but it was more of a physical then chemistry and want a deep connection with somebody and for it to be mutual and genuine.


5. Dye my hair: ( red, auburn, brownish/blonde mixture) your input would be greatly appreciated my instagram is linked

6. NC state or Florida State idk idk idk probably Michigan hell idk

7. Make a new friend

8. Get my Justin Bieber Tickets mannnnn

9. Snatch my edges out because i realized i just missed Fetty Waps concert and i am legit crying

10. Make this month my month

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