Road Trip!!!!

IMG_9673.JPG So lovely people that read my blog i am in a fantastic mood. Like skip through the meadow and put a bunch of flowers in my hair while 80’s house music plays and and everything is well. Spring break starts today and i am going home!!!!! i get to see my friends and eat coney island and just try to have a good time like the old times.  I know people grow up and change, people are like seasons we adapt to how we think we need to be due to our surroundings. i am just excited to see my friends like Cierra, this girl is honestly the best. Aside from when she is setting up blind dates without my knowledge and playing games like she is cupid. Then there is Ashley aka “Dae”, everybody needs a friend like her. Pretty smart and will beat the living soul out of somebody if she feels disrespected… She inspires me lmao. Then Jacqueline my best friend since i could remember long story short their is honestly no place like home.

As i sat in bed yesterday i have realized my life is either falling in place or speeding out of control inna fireball destined for hell.

This happened people…. i became so bored i had a photoshoot with my cat jasper. i realized after looking at these pictures and calling them cute i needed to get my ass out of the house and go be a normal teenage 18 year old women. Like do not get me wrong their is nothing wrong with chilling with your cat and vining but when you have a full photoshoot and get mad when face swap won’t swap you and your cats face…. MAKE PLANS!!!!

Also i have a camera now and i have no idea where to shoot my video i am thinking my bed but i was all ” that is so person” but i tell you all about my life so personal is kind of out the window by now. But i want to have my video up by thursday so that will be fun and i can not wait for you guys to see it!!!!


Road trip fashion

IMG_9697.JPG dress comfortable !!!! nobody is going to be checking you out when your driving unless your me… i have a thing for staring at people at red lights idk why. but as you can see i am in yoga pants, a cute little jacket and a a tank top. The old me would of wore a damn dress with heels did my hair and makeup because in the day people T’yanna was a hot mess. But if you have  a road trip planed dress cute and comfortable ladiesssss.


Now it is Friday have fun. Love life, and enjoy the time you have with the people you love. make new friends, talk to new people shoot you shot, drop your mix tape, push your clothing line, do something that makes you happy. It is friday smile!

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