A year from now

I personally know i go through life thinking that nothing has changed, i think that i am still in the same place, stuck with the same people, and not accomplishing anything. But when i think back to years i realized nearly everything has changed. I am no longer friends with people i used to be so close with, i don’t like the same guys i thought i was in love with, i don’t even obsess over tv shows or songs that use to be my lifeline, i just changed. When i think about this i start to wonder why do i always stress love things. I am always wondering ahead like, will i ever get a job as a journalist, will i ever find a man i genuily love and one that genuinely loves me, will i live a happy life, will i become who i am supposed to be. I worry about thing i love to believe that i have control over but i honestly don’t. Life is 5 percent what happens and 95 percent how we react.



dom af.gif

my friend Dominque (Dom) wants to be a model, and as we all know that is a hard industry to get your foot in the door for, but that doesn’t stop her. I honestly don’t know how i was lucky to cross paths with her because she keeps me on track when times i want to give up due to the fact life becomes so much. She brings me back down to reality and reminds me of who i am and all that i want and what i deserve. And Dom was right about never giving up because now my girl landed a huge modeling gig!!!! And i am so so so proud of her and all that she has and will accomplish because she deserves it all!!!!

Year ago my life was so different i was preparing to graduate high school and not head to college, and just work some decent paying job, and here i am now with new amazing friends, new big dreams and just a brand new outlook on life. I can’t wait to get out of michigan and to the west coast and just experience something new something fresh. A year from now everything is going to be different and hopefully a good different.


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