Wanna do it again????

Beginning of my fun weekend back home mid slaying of my hair by Cierra.
Yes, i was pouting due to the fact i had broken my glasses however i was happy and laughing at the fact my friends and I were put on a livestream referred to as “models and bottles.”
this night was just amazing… literally amazing laughs and run ins with the law but yolo and cierra has bud luck,i told the uber driver my life story, and dae met august alsina’s long lost brother.
Me and dad (Ashley) for round 2 Saturday night
Me and Cierra
The lovely Trio
This is the work of cierra and Dae, the lashes were fun and the baby hairs were laidded!
My fave pic of myself at the moment
Here this place we encountered a dummy mission… it was just all bad, yet fun
It was this picture i was looking at un the lobby after our little photoshoot and was like “lol look at my keys” only to touch my neck and realize i had left them on the bathroom counter
I’m going to let you guys notice what is missing in this picture
So basically that whole weekend i was a huge partier and flirt and my snapchat was a movie so add me tyannaangeline 🙂

I take on the lovely Michigan State University next weekend so stayed tuned

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