WTF T’yanna

Ok people so if you know or If you have been living under a rock you know i am a die hard university of Michigan fan. Mostly in football because that is why i was raised around and just is what i know and now i feel as if i am a Spartan….


i be like.gif Literally how i woke up saturday morning looking at myself because i was cheering for the spartans in basketball and just having a amazing time. And that is not supposed to happen coming from uofm. I am supposed to hate them, and i do just not in everything. I mean i do on the lowest of all lows watch their basketball games because their team is amazing and Bryn Forbes is just you know Bryn Forbes, but that is besides the point. I am in a way converted.





uofm football.jpg

this place is home .

Michigan football will always and forever be my favorite team. and i will always cheer for them regardless if they play state and i attend state. Michigan Wolverines is my team when it comes to football and that will never change. However overall I party like a Sparty and they know how to party.

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