This years March Madness was literally madness , like everybody’s bracket was busted into tiny pieces.  And I am everything but okay with how this month in college basketball went down.



REALLY MSU   Middle Tennessee really…. Like really middle Tennessee just wow. My bestfriend goes to school there and we had this plan if state made it to the final 4 we were going to go to Texas and have fun and turnup and just enjoy the weekend their but no, they want to get there ass beat by middle teneesee and I am not hating on the aprons at all they just did nit play to their potential. Like Denzel and Bryn …. omg my baby Bryn it was just a rough game for them that I am glad I was driving to EL and not watching because I would be pissed as hell because I was really looking forward to Texas and being in the sun and justing living La vida loca!!!!



dule basketball.jpg like i can’t even talk about it because the wound is still fresh as hell



BOY REALLY IS YOU SERIOUS LIKE REALLY REALLY YALL ARE KENTUCKY LIKE OHHHH MY GOD but this is what happens when people want tot go pro and not stay their years in school and make a quick dollar like no no no stay and keep college football fun build your skills THE NBA AINT GOING ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!

kentucky basketball.jpg



Just wow like wow is all I have to say , Kelly ombre should have stayed and built his skills up and they shouldn’t have made those unnecessary fouls and just played some ball because there is no real reason they should have lose that game, then again every team I am naming off should have won but you never know, that is what makes march madness so amazing.

my baby daddy.jpg


1 job, literally one job y’all couldn’t handle your one job so pressure burst pipes … tragic tragic TRAGIC . NOTRE DAME IS JUST BLAH. now i respect their team and talent but i have lose respect for the school when they wanted to be removed for the the big 0 conference mostly just playing ( university of Michigan ) just weak so when i think of Notre Dame i think of football and then i instantly think of weak as shit. so yeah Wisconsin you let me down wisonsin.jpg

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