People love to hate the bitch. It is a fact that many people know and yet act like they don’t. However in the past week and looking back to where i was last year compared to now I have grown into a pretty well rounded individual.

For starters I am no longer friends with people who don’t put in the effort I do to maintain communication and friendship. You don’t want to be friends then so be it, however don’t go around acting like you’re high and mighty because you are speaking bad and I am ignoring you. That doesn’t make me or anybody else scary it makes us mature. I have learned that you don’t always need to react to people when they are negative and rude. Don’t allow somebody else so much control and allow them to steal your happiness… Forget them

Gossiping, I still do and will continue to do, however I don’t really consider it “gossiping” I just hate the obvious of which others think but won’t say. I am in a firm believer you get the energy that you put out in the world, and when you are rude and nasty don’t expect not to get rude and nasty back. Granted I don’t wake up like ” how can I be a bitch today” But I do wake up refusing to take anybody’s bullshit.

Boys, I cannot stress the fact enough I had a huge attraction to the worst type of guys. I liked guys who played a sport and were all of shitty with the attitude and illusion that they were the next Kobe Bryant. Like I am laughing thinking back to the old me and the old guys because they were all some jokes. Not all 2 were pretty good and are good I don’t have any bad feelings towards them I just woke the hell up and realized the kind of people that they were.

My hair, I just learned to love it and experiment with it …. It is pretty fun.

The gym, I have became sort of a gym rat I go m-f 365 sometimes Saturday there is honestly nothing better then going hard during a workout and seeing results. Like I look back at year old pictures and I am beyond thankful that I made the choice to get my shit together.


Lastly  remember


fucking meeeeee

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