Open letter to my ferret

My sister is coming back to Michigan for her spring break and i am excited!!!! Not only will i have the privallegae to see my family put on this front as if everything is like a american sitcom, and that we wake up up waffles and milkshakes in the morning, more due to the fact i get to crash that wild dream.  As you can see if you have been reading my blog i am pretty blunt and cut to the point. So that being said i am pretty excited to have my sister back because like myself she is a savage. And when say savage I don’t mean it lightly i mean she will rip the soul out your body and tear you and your feelings to shreds. This is why i love her. 1787_52879284152_8484_n.jpg She has been my ferret ever since i could remember and people get all bent out of shape when i call her a “ferret” or another world that we were taught not to say but our relationship is truly one for the books. The age difference between us is 3 years and it feels all o 3 months. When we are together our age is is a good 12 year old. The differences between us is like night and day.



  • Athena is smart at school like super smart and then there is me… I am a good 3.0 student
  • Athena listens to music about peace and love… I bang trap music
  • Athena has her own garden group… I recycle every so often
  • People love Athena… people love me too but usually only because we hate the same person



Throughout the years me and Athena have been giving this man in the middle our father Che’ ( pronounced Sh-A) because he gets offended when people say it wrong.  Athena is the good seed in my dads life. She has done way less wrong in her 15 years then i have seemed to do in my 18. Whether it was me attempting to boil a egg in the microwave only to have it blow up and have y grandmas house smelling like burnt grass. To Athena lying about eating her food and getting a napkin every 5 minutes and spitting her food out. Or my favorite when we do some WTF things together like our infamous time when we got a new house. We had been bingo watching this show called Fo master i think, and our dad told us both ” Don’t be doing that shit up in my house.” And being the 2 people we are, we ignored his advice. We were messing around play fighting and i kicked her in the forehead. My dad was pissed but we had a good laugh out of it.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. We have been through so much together from sledding through fences, to making fun of our dad and getting sent to our rooms from it, raising hell, everything that sisters do we have done, aside from tattoos i don’t know about that yet, maybe one day. Nobody else is going to listen to my ghetto trap music and take the time to learnt the lyrics and lie for me, aside from her.




Then there is times when i think i hate the ground she walks on…


me and athena.gif




Ultimately she is my best friend and i can’t wait to see her and just have fun again!!!


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