IMG_0669The end of my spring semester is coming to a end, leaving me beyond stressed so the past weekend since Athena came to Michigan of her break we had decided to go to a green house plant market. And to say the least it was pretty and interesting. I ate a leaf, literally a random leaf a flower guy named josh was passing out and it was rather pretty good. I ate about 3 and yeah i would of eaten more but my family has OCD where they feel the need to do a million things at once and everybody wanted to keep the tour going. IMG_0678 So this place called slows BBQ… delicious my friends , literally heaven on earth. The macaroni and cheese was something i haven’t had since thanksgiving. Also the burger, omg the burger was just the i mean i wouldn’t have taken a selfie if it wasn’t the best. IMG_0679 now this was just random due to the fact that my hair was complimented by the sun and the beauty mark by my face. And the old guy in the back peeping i was taking a selfie. tIMG_0671 These were the plants i had eaten, and some i haven’t they just looked pretty and the lighting was honestly amazing in here. IMG_0672 This was the ceiling for their greenhouse thing, i was nice with the lights for the plants. This place is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan it is beautiful and i want to say the locals call it the market, i honestly don’t know, i just call it the downtown greenhouse thingy! lol.


Also the color of that lovely Sunday was red, i feel like red is a year round acceptable color. It blends with my pale winter complexion, and golden summer complexion. I just paired a oversized cardigan with black leggings and white tank, brown fridge boots, simple but really cute.  Also did a little shopping and picked up some red covergirl lipstick loveqdddd it. and my nails, they’re just really nice shoutout to sammy and connie they ripped me and my friends off but the color is popping IMG_0399 This picture highlights the beauty in my nails, and i swear it was unintentionally done but they look good and they went well with my Sunday outfit.


IMG_0804Also seeing this ferret who stole my pants was nice to i guess, even though she knows damn well those were my pants but it’s all good for the pair she took i got 3 more.

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