3 type of guys I can’t stand

I am starting to think it is a thing within this generation, where every guy decided that they were going to be exactly the same, yet different. I have struggled trying to figure this out but I don’t know weather should blame parenting, the music we listen to, or a guys lack of basic respect. But guys are slowly starting to just turn to blah. It could be the fact we are all young adults now or just the fact they’re blah. It wasn’t until i took a step back out of my bias opinion and thought 1. you are what you attract and 2. A guy can only waste my time and piss me off if i allow it. So when i noticed that i noticed my 5 types of guys I truly can’t stand.


  1. The guy who thinks he is gods gift 

This is the worst type of guy to allow to waste your time. He is a smooth talker usually a good 7 and up on a scale to 10. And he usually plays a sport and is usually talented in something causing girls to go batshit crazy over him. I have been ere i have had my fair share with dealing with guys like this. Due to the fact i am a huge sucker for any athlete. I enjoy being with somebody who is athletic due to the fact they’re not bad on the eyes, they ugly are u and funny the only downside is they are so full of themselves. We all know the ‘gods gift” guy. He gets praise from everybody at school or work, or my favorite the lovely app called Instagram. People just seem to worship the ground that he walks on. However I hate cocky people. There is a line between confident and cocky. I can;t stand when he feels entitled to something due to the fact he is talented and girls want him. However my dad raised me right and told me i was beautiful and that he loved me on the regular so you’re washed up rehearsed lines won;t work on me. And i wont appeal to your illusion that you’re some type of gift. you’re just a pest with delusions that you’re some type of blessing to the people on earth.

2. The guy that is always lying 

If i ask you a question about something there is a high chance i already know the answer i am seeing if you are going to lie straight to my face as if i am stupid. And usually they do. I don’t know if i have stupid written on my forehead or what but it happens on the regular. This guy will lie about everything and anything. from his birthday, to the school he goes to, to his job, hell he might even lie about his name nobody every really knows because he is that much of a fricking liar.


3. The boyfriend 

This guy is below a gods gift. He will be in a full relationship in love and committed but yet will still try to talk to you. I have had to much experience with the boyfriend.  They are usually attractive nice guys the problem is they’re all 3 of the guy i hate in one. They tend to think they are such a huge lessing that they can talk to anybody whenever they want and however they want, while being a relationship. And when asked about their friend i get the famous response of ” that is my friend or cousin” like i cant read the damn caption that says ” my baby, my world, my girlfriend.” Either i cant read…. or you’re lying. and i passed my ACT and have my diploma and am in college, so i am banking on you’re lying.  like this type of guy jut disgust me and i am getting made just writing about it.

So if you are a guy and you are one of these type of guys…. just do you just away from me. And if you are a girl dealing with a guy like this…. run run run. run far away he is a child and you didn’t sign up to be anybody’s momma. save yourself the time and the stress.


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